11:30 PM Nov 2, 2013
The Eagles soared with the Flyers during Saturday's game at Whitney Field.
5:00 PM Nov 2, 2013
The season is over for the four area cross country particpants.
4:27 AM Nov 1, 2013
See the series by score and year here.
4:57 AM Oct 30, 2013
Cleveland Browns quarterback Jason Campbell didn't get an adequate taste of the AFC North in Week 2.
1:37 AM Nov 1, 2013
Logan Stieber will get his season started on Saturday night.
11:57 PM Nov 1, 2013
New London finished 6-4 after Friday's win over South Central.
4:30 PM Nov 1, 2013
Jason Giambi will return to the Cleveland Indians in 2014.
6:00 PM Nov 1, 2013
Ohio State coach Urban Meyer has not forgotten what it's like to lose.
6:00 PM Oct 31, 2013
The Browns hit the season's halfway point in an all-too-familiar funk.
10:00 AM Oct 30, 2013
Q&A with the Sandusky graduate, who was honored by Ohio State Saturday