9:00 PM Jul 1, 2015
Many experts predict El Nino will be strong by the mid-August-through-October heart of the hurricane season.
8:00 PM Jul 1, 2015
Victim, 68, sustained injuries to his left lower torso and hip, lower left leg and both hands.
7:00 PM Jul 1, 2015
American Airlines, Delta, United and Southwest currently control nearly 70% of nation’s domestic air traffic.
6:00 PM Jul 1, 2015
Deal reportedly worth five years.
5:00 PM Jul 1, 2015
Embassy there was closed in 1961; “You can’t hold the future of Cuba hostage to what happened in the past."
4:00 PM Jul 1, 2015
Local health official: "There is always a chance” the virus could migrate to Huron County.
3:00 PM Jul 1, 2015
Boys, ages 14 and 13, killed in blaze; texts to suspect's live-in boyfriend reveal she was upset that he was spending time with a female relative of fire victim.
2:00 PM Jul 1, 2015
Mayor says normal show costs $17,000.
1:00 PM Jul 1, 2015
Local man admits to three charges in exchange for two other felonies being dismissed.
11:30 AM Jul 1, 2015
Common Core-aligned assessments created public outcry over excessive testing in Ohio.
11:00 AM Jul 1, 2015
NBA free agency started Wednesday at 12:01 a.m.
10:00 AM Jul 1, 2015
Whispering Rains Farms and Horse Boarding near Norwalk offers riding lessons and week-long kids’ horse day camps.
9:00 AM Jul 1, 2015
Constitutional amendment would allow individuals to grow up to four plants for their own use.
10:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
Officials lift ‘do not contact’ advisory at Norwalk’s upper and memorial reservoirs.
9:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
A brief tornado could also be spawned by a couple of the strongest and longest-lived thunderstorms.
8:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
Group boasts campaign of attacks would take place during Muslim holy month of Ramadan, hich began two weeks ago.
7:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
“Until you experience the terror, you just can’t know.”
6:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
Inordinate number of blowouts are bad for TV ratings.
5:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
Woman tests at more than twice the legal limit for alcohol; she was driving at twice the speed limit when rear-ended car.