Convicted heroin dealer has bond revoked

A convicted heroin dealer had her bond revoked after testing positive for drug use. She previously blamed her boyfriend for getting her addicted and for manipulating her.
Cary Ashby
Mar 19, 2012


A convicted heroin dealer had her bond revoked Monday in connection with violating her probation by testing positive for opiates.

Brittany N. Fernekees, 22, of 311 U.S. 250, New London, has been on three years of probation for trafficking in heroin.

In mid-February 2011, she was sentenced to 60 days in the Huron County Jail. She also was fined $250 and ordered to reimburse the Huron County Sheriff's Office $40 to cover the cost of drug testing.

At one point, Fernekees spent four to six months in a community-based corrections facility (CBCF). Near the end of last year, she was released from the form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

After her release from the CBCF, Fernekees tested positive for opiates and oxycodone, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway revoked the defendant's bond Monday. That means Fernekees will remain behind bars until she is sentenced for her probation violation April 9.

Fernekees, in 2011, emotionally told the court about her struggle with drugs and how she has been addicted to heroin since high school. She also blamed her boyfriend at the time for getting her addicted and for manipulating her.

"I had to do all the dirty work," Fernekees told Conway. "If I screwed up, there were consequences. I was physically and emotionally abused."

"It's been really hard to get sober," said the defendant, who was undergoing local substance abuse counseling and attending three AA meetings a week.


swiss family

yes.. "THEDON... it is great that the police forces are cracking down on all of the illegal drugs in our area, NOW if we only had a Judge that would stop letting them off on probation if they say they are "super" sorry, or because their parents go to trial, and say what a blessing it is that they are now clean and sober and only want a chance to prove how improved that they are now that they are clean, and how it is societies fault that their baby's are doing and dealing drugs because they hung out with the wrong crowd.. and wwwwwwaaaaaaaa... any other excuse that this this "easy on crime" Judge hands outr to protect our community... it is a shame that no one else is running against Judge Crimewave, but I for one know that I will NOT cast a single vote for him, in case he misinterprets my vote as being acceptable of the light sentences he hands out... it would be awesome if no one but his own personal and family friends would cast a vote for him, along with all of the criminals of course who support his light sentencing, and out of the entire county only ended up with a handfull of votes for him... maybe then he will see that the people are NOT happy

Kottage Kat

And not voting for him if he runs unopposed accomplishes what? I am sure the abcense of your vote will be noted and missed.


In the last rounds of voting I didn't vote for him. I just left that one blank because I don't like his stance on crime and punishment. I would rather leave it blank than give him my approval.


If you left it blank, you passively voted for him. I vote for the law enforcement judge no matter what party they are in. Better quit sucking up to the bleeding heart democrat judges if you want to get them off the streets, and make them think twice about doing it in the first place, because they know they are going to jail when they are caught.

swiss family

as I have mentioned in the past, you have to have a few active brain cells to understand what I was saying... thank you for getting it, and it comes as no surprise what-so-ever that Cat doesn't get it..Conway has already won because he is running your vote and my vote will not matter in the least... what might impress his is to see that if all of the registered voters in Huron county who disapprove of his pansy punishments on real criminals, and our frustration with him and the lack of approval we have for the job he is doing, and he sees that with 20+ % of the registered voters, and only say 2% voted for him, he might get the hint that we (and of course again Cat I never include you in the WE, because of all of the dead brain cells probably from your alcohol induced days) and to make that so you can understand it Cat I will say you "Prolly" killed the brain cells when you were drinking way too much....

Seen it All

I think having 50-100 people with signs showing their disgust in his handling of our growing drug problem would have a greater impact.

Kottage Kat

Seen it all There ya go----now that is making sense. And should get his attention. Not much he can do, at least he knows that he has the option to give the max sentence which I do not believe he has done in every case. In some he has to go by the ORC, and the mandates are not always what is popular with the public. Have you ever sat in on trial where he presides?? Perhaps speaking with him might help, get a copy of the ORC, and moniter what the law says to make sure he is giving an appropriate sentence. I am in no way defending him, just want people to make sure the sentence is inappropriate. Read study and be informed, then be proactive. Good Luck, you are on the right track. Kat

E.Cartman make a good point. Despite the troubles we seem to be having rehabilitating these addicts, law enforcement is doing a fantastic job taking them down. From local dealers to turnpike shipments, they are making alot of arrests.


not to put anyone on blast,but shes pregnant too.
and what happend to her wtf...LOL


Nice, if that were true then she should go to prison and be held in solitary confinement until the baby is born. Then they should take the baby away from her and charge her with child endangerment and attempted murder.

Kottage Kat

@ Swiss, Last I checked it was a 2 party system, and how many of those registered voters are not of the same party as the Judge. Many people vote a straight party line, and thus he would not get their vote. The #'s are not always indicative of the REASON why people did not vote a certain way, they are just numbers. There is no place when voting to give a reason for your vote, or your objection to a particular candidate. I fail to see the logic of your comment, There is no reason to be nasty or personally attack me for making a comment. I have an opinion as do you. Hopefully you will get your personal feelings under control so that you can make a rational statement, thus giving you some creditabity. Thank you for your input, and I am sorry you feel that way. Kat


yeah so where the party be at there kat ? no limit as to how many parties be allow in election. just ask ralph nader , or angela davis or more . girl you been living w.Them blinders up for long time .it a big world out there kat lol


She looks alot better now than she did in 2001...


girlfriend be hurting for real


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heroin = beating with an ugly stick


Maybe we should start and look at the bigger picture here? Where does heroin, morphine, opiates come from? It comes from the poppy flower and where does that grow? Afghanistan, pakistan and that part of the world. Where has our military been in the last ten years? You guessed it afghanistan and pakistan! What is the Mission in Afghanistan? Oh I forgot the war on terror not a war on heroin is it! Is it a coincidence that the heroin epidemic in this country started after 911? I could have written that on at least a dozen or more heroin related stories on this newspaper website!

so sick of stup...

i dont feel sorry for her at hoo my bf made me..bull shit...did u think about that baby ur carrying when u was get high you piece of shit..hope they take it from u and ur bf.,he is a junkie too...maybe it will have a chance in life without those two as parents...