Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 24, 2010




Terry W. and Carolyn A. George or survivor to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, 311 Buckeye St., $63,334.

Winifred K. Keller to Debra S. Dwight, 403 Sandusky St., $68,000.


Donald P. Schultz to Richard E. Rench, Milan Manor Drive.


Stephen M. and Karen L. Reer or survivor to Kenneth J. Buraszeski, U.S. 20, $125,000.

New London

Fanniemae aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Karla A. Correll, 130 E. Main St., $54,501.

North Fairfield

Cit Group/Consumer Finance, Inc. to Shannon Warren, 103 E. Main St., $27,050.


Scott A. Brittain to Nicholas D. and Heather F. Graffice or survivor, 157 E. Main St., $96,000.

Michael J. and Amy L. Adelman or survivor to Michael J. Adelman, 18 Queen Anne Way.

Odell Holbrook to Chad C. Holbrook, 3 Glover Ave.

Seitz Design & Construction, Inc. to Jack and Marylou Davis or survivor, 3 E. Quail Hollow Drive, $33,000.

Robert and Donna Ratliff to Donna Ratliff, 15 Pitt St.

Donna Ratliff to Vernon G. Scott, Sr., 15 Pitt St., $53,225.

KMK Estates LLC to Brett S. Mason and Kirk A. Mason, 15 Townsend Ave., $200,000.

Marlene Carolyn Baker to Pamela A. Zamano, 104 E. Seminary St., $75,100.

Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to Gary J. and Cathy J. McGinn, 32 Falcon Crest Drive, Unit B, $129,500.

Lisa R. Wilkerson aka Lisa Wilkerson to Robert C. and Lisa R. Wilkerson or survivor, 281 Whittlesey Ave.


Paul R., Sr. and Carol Fries or survivor to Legacy Pointe Residential LLC, 14 North St., $45,000.


Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee to Paul W. Slater, 303 Park St., $38,000.

Charles H. and Shirley G. Riedlinger or survivor to Shirley G. Riedlinger, 421 N. Main St., 4224 Ohio 61.


Bronson Twp.

Odell Holbrook to Chad C. and Melaney Holbrook, 1336 Union Road.

Clarksfield Twp.

David McClafferty, Sr. to James A. Sapp, 1378 Fitchville River Road, $141,500.

Fairfield Twp.

John and Priscilla Morrow to John L. and Priscilla Morrow or survivor, 820 Townline Road 12.

Greenfield Twp.

Henry J. and Jewel Cole or survivor to Henry J. Cole, 1525 Ohio 99.

Michael Thomas Mahl to Michael T. and Tammy S. Mahl, 3673 Bauman Road.

Nancy R. Huss to Randy Fagg, Cardinal Drive, $3,000.

Greenwich Twp.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Marilyn R. Cooley, 3208 Greenwich East Townline Road, $55,000.

New Haven Twp.

Dorothy Jeannin Slessman to Buurma Farms, Inc., Ohio 598, $73,313.

Ronald R. Lofland to Lora L. Garcia and Ronald R. Lofland, 4273 Ohio 598.

Lora L. Garcia and Ronald R. Lofland to Lora L. Garcia, 4273 Ohio 598, $60,000.

New London Twp.

Marilyn J. Williams to Dennis A. and Diane J. Deppen or survivor, 5656 Ohio 162, $205,000.

Norwalk Twp.

Mary B. Anderson to Mary B. Anderson and Donald J. Fielitz or survivor, 5060 Ohio 601.

John F. Eiden and Mary Jane LaLonde or survivor to John F. Eiden, 1120 Ohio 61.

John F. Eiden with life estate Mary Eiden to John F. Eiden, 1059 Ohio 61.

Odell Holbrook to Chad C. and Melaney Holbrook, 609 Ohio 61.

Wallace E. Grose, trustee to Gary L. Grose, successor trustee, 4235 Ohio 601.

Gary L. Grose, successor trustee to Randall S. Grose, 4235 Ohio 601.

Peru Twp.

Rhea Mae Linder Coll and Howard W. Linder to Mark E. and Patricia Ann Bores or survivor, Pontiac Sectionline Road, $35,000.

Townsend Twp.

Doug W. and Dawn M. Combs to Douglas A. and Linda L. Elmiger or survivor, 2401 Collins Road, $125,000.

Virginia Jolbert Higley to Virginia J. Higley, trustee, 3216 Hartland Center Road.

Virginia Jolbert Higley to Virginia J. Higley, trustee, Hartland Center Road.

Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. M/S FTW 35 to Eric M. Davis, 2225 U.S. 20, $99,000.

Wakeman Twp.

Thomas A. and Juliet A. Wulf or survivor to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 6741 U.S. 20, $193,000.