Site work at new park in Monroeville

Slowly but surely, Clark Park in Monroeville is taking shape.
Jan 17, 2012


Slowly but surely, Clark Park in Monroeville is taking shape.

First came the ballfields. And if that was the sundae to this park, now comes the whipped cream and cherry — the finishing touches on what is turning out to be quite a complex.

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Fifteen workers and half a dozen machines were on site Saturday morning helping clean out the trees along the river. When all is said and done, the river bank will be seeded then used as a picnic/park area for village residents.

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6079 Smith W

ALRIGHT!!!! Difficult to contain my joy! ANOTHER park!!!!

One more place for the local unemployed to congregate in order to swap rumors of job openings.


Good grief! Smith for brains, have you ever had a single joyous, positive thought in your entire life? Thanks for providing us with daily doses of negative, pessimistic, blather. Appreciate the fact that this will be a place where parents will teach their kids to throw a pitch or to appreciate wild flowers in the spring. Community members came together to make their part of the world a little better. Instead of treading the grapes of wrath you need to be enjoying the wine of life.

6079 Smith W

@ Whoopball: Unlike short-term public make-work projects, thoughts and the reality of a growing economy, a prosperous business environment along with an overall sustained and increasing standard of living brings me pleasure.

And once those ball throwing, flower sniffing children graduate, many will be off to seek job opportunities elsewhere where they will raise their families. Increasingly, the poor and aged can enjoy these 'wonderful' parks.


If it doesn't produce a profit, it is absolutely worthless to my pal smith.

6079 Smith W

@ rogerthat: And you work where for free?


Smith , needs to sing the Monty Python song " Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life " . It always puts a smile on my face ; )

6079 Smith W

@ Bluto: Nothing like a good crucifixion brings joy to your day eh? How about a stoning? :)


Clark Park is being developed from property given to the village by the Frank Clark estate with only one stipulation set by the estate: the property be developed into a recreation facility to enhance the quality of life for village residents and visitors. I would say that with the many people that have donated their time and various talents to make this happen, it will indeed do just that! In addition to a new girls softball field, a nature trail, pinic areas, restrooms, shelter house, and playground equipment the park will also be the home of the Jason Sparks Baseball Field, named in the memory of Monroeville's soldier who gave his life in the service of his country in Iraq.

Cliff Cannon

@ livelife: No wonder Monroeville is so cool. All those locals out there bringing this beautiful park to fruitation,it warms the heart,does it not?


Instead of a park, they should spend thousands of dollars to fix a clock that no one looks at.


There goes Winnie Smith with all his gloom and doom. Never a happy thought, just a tired, old cranky man. What a waste.

Kottage Kat

It is Mr. Smiss or Mr. SmiFF. This park isn't even in Norwalk, and has been achieved with a caring volunteering community, not high paid union city workers, as that city to the east used.
I love the name of the park. Kat


@KK - Norwalk police and fire are the only city employees that are in a union.

Kottage Kat

Ok Thank you, my bad. Kat


@KK - no problem


@KK - no problem


need a bit of work on your presentation but why cant one lend credence to the other? ideas....throw them out and work together!

Kottage Kat

They had both at one time and were not able to support them, perhaps the reason that they are no longer theren is the reason no one else has ventured to start one. IMHO Kat


what happened to all of the trees? did somebody take them for free firewood?


Smith 4brains. AHAHh ......please make this a better area & leave.

swiss family

I sure hope that someone notified Kayleen Lee if there was free wood for the taking...we all know how mad she gets when she doesn't get her wood!!!!!


@swiss - LOL

Lloyd Christmas

Its all about location, location, location..... and this park will look GREAT when its all flooded!

@whatsupwiththat - Monroeville has shown over and over that it can not support a grocery store. Morrow's, Johnson's, etc... ya know the same grocery store that was across the parking lot from the laundromat? The prices were always higher at the Monroeville store, I guess because of "convenience" purposes or maybe just because they didnt get the "bulk" discount larger stores got. All it did was drive people to go to Norwalk anyway because they could save money, get things that the store didnt have, eat somewhere other than Vanson's, The Eagles Nest (gone), JW deli (gone), the VFW or Peans.

To people complaining about jobs... if you havent noticed Monroeville isnt a booming metropolis. Its a SMALL, country village. Want more opportunity? LOOK OUTSIDE THE BUBBLE.


Last time there was any serious flooding in that location? Storm and rain on July 4, 1969. Some water came up with last springs heavy rain, but nothing to get worked up about. Nature has provided a high bank on that side of the river that has done a nice job of protecting against regular
flooding problems.

6079 Smith W

@ Lloyd Christmas: Yes, a "small country village" that continues to get smaller, poorer and older.

Jobs? That is why the best and the brightest will continue to join the Diaspora that makes the long-term economic survivability of the area questionable - see Standardsburg.


OK, how are you/we going to fix this? The energy and concern is valid? put it to work. The park helping the image of the community might help attract somone to open a franchise? Maybe Maybe not. Sam Kroc started McDonalds in a small hick town and worked his butt of with the people of the community. Dave Thomas worked 80hrs a week and in his spare time he sought a fellow with the last name of Sanders (KFC) to partner with and nickel and dimed their way around Columbus trying new things on top if all the hard work and it "happened".....Sam Walton....Jack Welch....took chances and built momentum in their community.


I have to agree, this park will look great wherever it settles at down the river!


Congrats to Monroeville! A community rich in community spirit, and pride, working together to honor a fallen soldier. What a wonderful way to pull together without the frivolous use of tax dollars. That is the way parks should be built-by the efforts of volunteers, and using donations-not tax dollars. A win win if you ask me.