Mayor-elect meets with chamber members

Norwalk mayor-elect Rob Duncan met with members of the Huron County Chamber of Commerce this morning at Berry's Restaurant.
Dec 14, 2011


Norwalk mayor-elect Rob Duncan met with members of the Huron County Chamber of Commerce this morning at Berry's Restaurant.

Duncan covered a number of issues, promising to have an open-door and an open-ear policy — especially to local businessmen.

Duncan, who defeated Sue Lesch in the November election, will take office Jan. 3.


6079 Smith W

Beautiful! Mayor-elect Duncan hectors the NR for about one minute to put more positive stories on the front page.

He acknowledged the robberies, the drugs and the rapes, but he sophomorically states that if the NR just wrote more positive stories, it would go a long way to improving the image of Norwalk.

It would appear that it is his desire for more Pollyanna-style propaganda and less actual news of events.

On his own "positive" note, he might have 'at a minimum' mentioned the "12 Days of Development" series. Instead, he spent an inordinate amount of his time lecturing the NR staff to be more positive

Will the overwhelming motto of his administration be: Don't worry, be happy?

Also, continually referring to the men and women in the room as “guys” was tasteless and very unprofessional.

Marcus M

Being objective Mayor Elect Duncan was attempting to be positive, keep repeating himself and at times appeared like the deer in the headlights. Suggestion maybe when talking to these type of groups a prepared speech might be helpful. Kept asking everyone including the press to be positive, he wasn't exactly positive towards the past administration for the past year His criticism keep appearing on the front page. Maybe with experience he will improve

run for the hills's picture
run for the hills

I am waiting on Kottage Meow for her response to this great first public impression.


That was also my first thought.

Marcus M

Kat litter will ask us all to be positive and give him a chance, did she set that example with the present administration, I think not......

Cliff Cannon

As I read my fellow bloggers impressions, I certainly find area's of agreement,don't you? Still I find no fault with Rob for being nervous, after all who wouldn't be? So his usage of the word "um" will no doubt disappear as he grows into his new job. His plan for leadership certainly sounds good,doesn't it?Totally agree with him on the need for as many positive stories as the 'Reflector' can print or for that matter as many positive things -----anyone---- can do in this hour of challenge. Having said that,a -----major compliement---- is due our police force for making those 'drug story's' hit the paper.So N.P.D.---PLEASE---- keep being awesome and get as much as that %^%&**# heroin oFF the streets as possible,so that the 'Reflector' can continue to print story's of your great works.Best of luck Rob,thanks for not only being a good man, but caring enough to be our next mayor as well. P.S. Why does commenting on a video make one feel like 'Siskel and Ebert"?

6079 Smith W

@ Cliff Cannon:

As a graduate of Toastmasters, I can tell you that use of sentence fillers like, uh, ah, um, er, et al., only cease through conscious effort and practice. (When speaking extemporaneously, our current POTUS is one of the worst speakers that I have ever had the displeasure to listen to. Like "nails on a chalkboard.")

Clubs have "uh" counters and I embarassingly won some evenings for the most infractions.

Merely pausing while thinking of one’s next pronouncement is perfectly acceptable; no “ahs” necessary or wanted.

A simple behavioral modification technique using negative reinforcement:

Wear a loose rubberband around one's wrist and when one find oneself using a sentence filler, lightly snap it. It helps make one more aware and in my case almost entirely eliminated the behavior within a couple days. I've used the technique to eliminate verbal use of profanity also.

jack langhals

Good point,I did remote radio for years.The ah counters watch you there.Pause and think will get you through.

Cliff Cannon

Believe it or not,people who have never met one another become 'friends' thru blogging.One such friend emailed me in regards to my comments on Rob's speech,because they thought me to be critical of him,before he started.I was not.So if it came across as critical please reread. You'll see "His plan for leadership certainly sounds good" also "totally agree with him on the need for as many positive stories..." Lastly:"Best of luck Rob,thanks for not only being a good man,but caring enough to be our next Mayor...." It is also true,I mentioned his nervousness in speaking-----I should not have done that----and accordingly apologize.The man has been a life long self improver and no doubt will "study the tape" like a football coach in an eFFort to improve.Again,I apologize to Rob for being presumptuous there. I do not apologize for being a fan of our incredible police force,those fine people are simply the best.


oh no picking him apart with trivial matters


Yeah real nice. Not a fan of the GOP; but again he has not even started. Give him a chance . One poster in particular===you are just a guest, it will be great when you leave.

6079 Smith W

It should be noted how Mayor-elect Duncan referred to the business people as the "backbone of the community," that his door was always open to them and that he promised that their phone calls would be returned within 24 hrs.

So what does this say about his administration's impression of and its reaction toward the individual taxpayers and citizens of Norwalk; can they expect similar "special" treatment or is it reserved only for the business community?

Also, elected officials "take office," they do not "take over." Mr. Duncan made it sound like he had staged a coup d'état.

This speech is exemplary of his campaign; Mr. Duncan tends to be long on glowing sophistry and extremely short on specifics.

swiss family

I wish Rob the absolute best...He is a good person and a good man, as I have stated in the past...I do, however think that this belief that by putting more positive stories in the local newspaper, will somehow make this a better community, escapes me..lets face facts.. as a community we do have crime, we have drugs, far too many drugs, and along with that we have over doses, and break ins, robberies, etc.. would the newspaper be doing the community any favors by not reporting on them?? it appears that at least one of the local judges wants to pretend that the crime and drug traffic can be stopped by sending them to a vacation house, giving them a gold star and a pat on the back and releasing them back into society, and , somehow in true Hollywood fashion , everyone lived happily ever after..sorry, but that is NOT reality. By pretending that bad things don't happen here , we are only masking the true reality that exists everywhere...if you think about it, people in general, are drawn to bad is a sad reality.. but if there were a news cast, or newspaper that only reported on good things, I believe that they would not be in business very long, because although we do love it, and get that tingly feeling when we hear a good news story.. if we were subjected to that day after day, sadly we would be bored with it.. I mean no one in the community has a scanner so they can hear the reports about when some scout helps an elderly lady across the street.. right?? I also just have to mention here that I wish that he would have made this speech a few months back, during the campaign... especially the part about the "mean bloggers" he had to be aware of his feline friends who were so over critical of our current administration, and attacked and demoralized them every day on the would have showed style and class to ask her to be more kind and be more honest in her attacking, at that time, and to stop putting her in a "no win situation" constantly... One of the Mayors duties is to appear at community functions.. just as he did with this "meeting" when these situation arouse for our current Mayor , she was brutally attacked and deposited in the litter box and insinuations of another opportunity for her "photo op" came up... it was her job...just like it will be his job, and I highly doubt that his mandatory appearances will been seen as "photo ops" from the same gossiping gaggle.........................I absolutely do wish him the best... but I have to say that for a man in his line of work, to allow such a dirty campaign to continue, when he had the opportunity to at best "tune it down" some , surprises me..I absolutely believe in being fair... I will wait to see what changes he is able to make in this bad economy, especially locally...but you reap what you sow too... since he released , and didn't try to tune down the "cat in the bag" and never publicly stated in the blogs for her to be respectful to our current administration, it would not surprise me at all if , his failure to end it, has released a lot more "cats out of the bag" who will be more vocal than ever before about what he is and what he is not capable of doing, and the promises he made...


Still attacking women I see, get over it Dale, Sue lost and now you have this who took a pee in my cheerios attitude. I know it must be hard to find a new butt to kiss but I have faith you will find one.


@ pugsly - you just made me laugh my ass off!!!

Marcus M

Great comment swiss especially reference Kat litter and her behavior during the campaign...

jack langhals

What is it that everyone wants changed?I have only been here for 34 years,so I am a rookie.My snow has been removed,my leaves picked up,my garbage,my water and sewer is reasonable,my street was just paved,the city income tax is less than some towns.The police are great,I have ridden with them,the Fire Dept is great.I know some people didn't like the soccer deal,we have the high school field across the street and it is great! Swiss, I am really trying to be difficult,but I like it here or I would move.


@ Dale - I honestly think that Sue losing the election is really starting eat away at you. Just take a look at the manifesto you wrote. How in the hell are you going to deal with your emotions in a few weeks when the dictator is officialy ousted?

Kottage Kat

Rumors are carried by HATERS Spread by FOOLS, and accepted by IDIOTS

6079 Smith W

@ Kottage Kat: Let it out, it 's cathartic. Of which "rumors" were you referring?

Kottage Kat

@ Smith, It is just a quote nothing more, nothing less. Um, ah Have a great weekend Guys Kat

6079 Smith W

@ Kottage Kat: Now I see why you ah...supported and uh...voted for the guy, ya know? :)

Speech fillers are like annoying:

Kottage Kat

@ Smith, Good Morning sunshine, as Mr. Rogers would say : It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood", as Jan 3 approaches it is going to be a better day for all. The Troops are home from Iraq, families united for Christmas. I do not have to shovel rain, what more you you ask for. Just sing a cou0le choruses of Kumbaya and a good cup of gormet coffee and you will be good as new. Ahhhhhh now isn't that much better. Zipity Doo Dah and have a wonderful day Don't worry B happy. Kat

6079 Smith W

@ KK: Enjoy sipping your Kool-Aid spritzer; I'll stick with scotch.

Looking forward to reading your "objective" sentiments after 1/3/12.

I hope for the sake of his parishioners that Mr. Duncan is better at preachin' than public speaking.

My late father-in-law was at one time an ordained minister and they took classes in speaking. If ordained, Mr. Duncan musta been out those days.

Kottage Kat

@ Smith, That was another wonderful anti-dote, thank you for sharing. Kat

Cliff Cannon

@ "Chicago Smith " a.k.a. "Don Rickles". I saw Don Rickles once,cost me 20 bucks.It was in 1975,I was playing Blackjack @ 'The Sand's' in Vegas.Had been doing good.So decided to go for 'big money' as a 20 would've been then. As I got my ---14-----I turned to lament this with my best friend,then saw Don Rickles over his shoulder.So we watched----- Don Rickles, sweet talk some lady,-----as the dealer holding a King,passed my 14,then gave, of course,the ----7---- to the next guy.Dealer ends with 2- 20's his, and the one I bet. Still,I got to see Don Rickles being nice,which is kinda cool,ain't it?
So as much as I laugh at you,as well as get your where your coming from,there are times where I'd love to choke you for being so hard on folks.Which brings me to my point: In trying to figure out your blog name," 6079 Smith W" I conclude he has to be an English explorer, but from where at in literature? (Wouldn't surprise me if it's Franklin's last surviour dutifully, giving his coordinates.)
No matter. Given your love of history,adding that "English thing" that demands great words as well as oration,possessing the overwhelming amount of knowledge you have, then knowing 'politics' Chicago style I have no doubt of your skills.I also bet you love Benjamin Disreali,don't you? No doubt,you'd make a perfect "Disreali" for blogville,if only sometimes we could get you to be a pinch less satirical and a pinch more optimistic.So why not go for the "job" of being him?
Now before you turn down the 'job',don't forget ---nobody could slice,dice or mash like Disreali,true? Sound like you? Yet ,still,he had to oFFer something positve to move the debate, to move the high court of public opinion his way,didn't he? So why not chew on us like we're Gladstone, then use your Disreali like gifts to show us a better way ?
Either way,Disreali or Rickles you oFFer something very unique to the public and for that I am grateful.Still,new friend,I must remind you that ----even Don Rickles could be nice,on occasion---(just wish it didn't cost me $20 to find that out) and that in times of challenge a "Disreali" writes his name on the wall of human history as one who made a diFFerence,while Rickles only makes us laugh

swiss family your last name "Claven" by any chance?????

Cliff Cannon

@ Soaring Eagle: Guilty as charged.You are correct, I'm as moronic as CliFF Claven.Which,of course,means since our favorite topics are religion,politics and semi-useless historicial information,we never get invited to parties or if we do,we don't get invited back. Still,on occassion,it can be fun to use historical figures for analogy's. To wit in this debate:Reread Smith's posts,he oFFers several really good pointers on public speaking,doesn't he? However,they might be overlooked because of his satire,agreed? So the 'Disreali' analogy of combining sharp wit,with overpowering facts really does fit him,true? So why not encourage such a talent? Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours

Marcus M

"Don't argue with an idot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."


I was impressed by what Mayor-Elect Duncan had to say. I have no doubt that Rob is very passionate to serve Norwalk with a positive attitude. He is a man who will listen to the citizens and try his best to meet their needs. He will bring an effective energy that Norwalk hasn’t seen for the last 8 years. There is no doubt he will make a few mistakes during his learning curve, but I expect that because he’s human. Only 1 perfect man ever walked the face of the earth, and they crucified him. Rob also has a good policy plan to not micromanage every department head, because they are the true experts at what they do. Rob isn’t out to set the world on fire right away. I understand that we all have our own opinions about who and what’s best for Norwalk, but we are on the verge of an exciting era. By the way, I have a message for all people who have stated over and over that Rob has plans to bring back jobs from China and Mexico…….you need to get a life and stop the mudslinging. Why can’t you realize how many jobs we lost while on Sue’s clock, and how little she did to prevent companies from leaving? It’s time we all start working as one team. GOOD LUCK ROB!!!!!!!