BLAST FROM THE PAST - Mercury goes to 12 below

JAN. 26, 1936 The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 71 years ago:
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Jul 24, 2010


JAN. 26, 1936

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 71 years ago:

Mercury goes to 12 below

Weather was colder last night than had been predicted and the mercury went down to 12 below zero in the government thermometer at the home of Mrs. G.R. Gregory, local weather forecaster. Milder weather is expected today but snow, followed by colder weather, is forecasted for tomorrow.

Steady work of state and county road department men has cleared the major roads of snow, although some of the side north and south highways are still blocked in places.

Astounding new dental formula is tried out here

The amazing new formula that makes the dentist's drill painless receives its first tryout in Norwalk today by Dr. Chas. Peasley. After using the desensitizer in filling thirteen cavities for several different patients, Dr. Peasley declared, "It is a complete success: one hundred percent results were obtained.

The discovery of the new formula was announced about a month ago by Dr. Leroy Hartman of Columbia University. The idea of painless drilling was met with a wave of rejoicing all over the country.

Arrangements completed for GOP dinner

All arrangements have been completed for the annual McKinley Banquet to be held Tuesday evening, Jan. 28, in Norwalk High School by Huron County Republicans.

The following are members of the Reception Committee, the other committees having been published previously:

Mrs. Esther powers, chairman; Mrs. Lois Tossell, D.W. Mead, Mrs. Irene Burdue, S.F. Leslie, Edward Gregory sr., Charles Ogan, R.E. Fader, J.B. Vail, A. C. Romer, Clarence H. Jones, Jay Wheeler Jr., C.E. Templer, A.O. White, Mrs. Mary Baker, August Boehler, C.W. Anderson, H.E. Ruggles, Valentine Tidswell, Mrs. Floyd Roberts, J.P. Limbird, Miss Mabel Scheid, W.C. Pratt, Mrs. Ada Ross, Ben Filkins and Mrs. A.A. Ake.

Steven Young dazed when handed bill for Davey lunches

A Washington, D.C. news special says the following regarding Congressman Stephen M. Young of Cleveland, formerly of Norwalk:

A bill for $24 covering the cost of the lunches served Thursday to Gov. Martin L. Davey and his party of 30 Ohio "harmony" pilgrims at a meeting with Ohio Democratic congressmen, was presented Friday to Congressman at Large Stephen M. Young by the manager of the House restaurant.

"What are you giving me this for?" Young demanded. "I'm no Santa Claus, and I'm not contributing to Gov. Davey's campaign fund."

The manager, with some embarrassment, replied that he did not know where to send the bill and thought of Young because Young is chairman of the Ohio Democratic delegation in the House.

The Clevelander agreed to prorate the bill among the Ohio congressmen. At a late hour today, $16 had been collected.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok