Pair of Norwalk mobile home parks go three hours without water

Service restored after owner pays $33,000 bill.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 3, 2014


A pair of local mobile home parks were without water for a little more than three hours Wednesday.

The city finance department ordered the water shut off at Midtown Manor, 520 Milan Ave., and Key Estates, 230 Whittlesey Ave., due to lack of payment.

The general services department turned the water off at 9 a.m. and restored service shortly before 1 p.m.

A third-party company, Ravenswood Management LLC, from Akron, is responsible for paying the water bills for both mobile home parks, said assistant finance director Michelle Reeder.

"We mail the bill to the management company," she said.

The total amount due for July and August for both parks was $33,770, which was paid by cashier's check Wednesday.

Both parks had their water turned off in April 2013 for non-payment.

According to the auditor's office, Midtown Manor is owned by Midtown Manor LLC from Charlotte, N.C., while Key Estates is owned by Norwalk Key Properties Limited, from Akron.

"Everybody in the trailer park is upset," said a Midtown Manor resident who did not want to be identified. "This is the second time this has happened. I have been in this trailer park 23 years. I am one of the original people out here. When these people took over this place went down.

"I pay $400 a month for lot rent, water and sewer. We pay our bills on time but they can't pay theirs? The last time this happened the water was off all day."

Another Midtown Manor resident, Jim Stacy, was to the point when talking about the situation.

"It's a bunch of crap," he said. "They are here religiously the second or third of the month to read the meter. They want you to pay your bill but they don't pay their bills. It's just not right."

Josh Snyder, public works director, said the finance office issues the shut-off directive to the general services department.

"There is a valve that controls the water going into either park," Snyder said. "It's a T-valve which can be shut off by one person."

Snyder said the finance department will issue a delinquents list.

"It includes habitual offenders, like the parks," he said.

Snyder said city officials are left with no choice in a situation like this.

"It's unfortunate," he said. "It's not something we like to do, but policy-wise, it's the only thing we can do to guarantee payment."

Snyder said at these two parks, the residents pay their water bill to the property owner who in turn pays the entire bill.

There are about 200 lots at Midtown Manor and Snyder estimated between 40 and 60 at Key Estates.

City officials can sympathize with the residents.

"Certainly, in this instance it's not directly their fault, assuming they all paid their bills," Snyder said. "But, at the same time, we have to have a policy."

Snyder called the mobile home parks "good-sized users of water."

"They do use significant volume," he said. "We can't let it (non-payment) go on forever."



Well the truth is: Midtown had a severe water main break a few months back, the owners charged 3 to 4 times more for the month of water. people were complaining, someone had a 500.00 for that one month, 180.00 to 300.00 average for that month. people wanted them to do a new reading, well they did. SO explain this to me, if your bill was like 300.00 for one month, then the next month it goes back to normal. WHY WHY did it go down? there was no water leaks on any of the trailers. We were told there had to be a problem, well I said how did the leak fix itself? duh no, they just milked us people out of the money on our bill, so they didn't have to pay for there leak in the front of the park. So, they got all that money, and couldn't pay the bill.


I must have gotten lucky, my bill was a couple dollars higher than usual one month but that's all.


Ravensworth is the contact number we have to call about issues pertaining to our individual accts, they are the ones the lot rent/utility bills are paid to every month. Trying to get issues handled through them are a nevr ending headache, and certainly arent reliable.You are left shaking head after a phone call to them and wondering what is even going to be solved after your conversation with this main guy.Dont hold your breath waiting on anything. Better do some research and ask around if your considering moving into one of the parks they handle.This was a non payment issue from them, the city did what they had to, to get their attention and action. Its a case of the "little people" getting screwed with.


So glad we got out, feel sorry for this who are stuck. This place is beyond anything you could imagine. These people are crooks and they don't do anything they promise.Good luck to all of you who are still stuck living there.


Wondering if the residents could set up escrow accounts to cover themselves.

After the Yost deal in Sandusky, I would think area water departments would start getting on property owners of trailer parks and apartment complexes.

Tenants have every right to call and see if their landlords are timely with their water bill.

Kottage Kat

Late rent 1 day=30.00 late fee.
Yep I am stuck and would love a solution.
Bravo to those who left messages on mailboxes.
The manager Lot 31 is nowhere to be found.


Who in their right mind pays 400.00 for lot rent. Thats more ten a trailer payment. These people are absolutely right since these people took over every thing went to h......there is nothing about these park s that is worth that much.


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained A duplicate post.


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Bet alot of people gonna be moving out of there over this. I just feel sorry for the people that actually own a trailer out there. The cost of moving one of those can't be cheap. Why would the city allow this bill to get so far behind to begin with? $33k for 2 month water bill? Com on man


if I were a norwalk citizen who lived in these parks I would call the mayors office and ask for a meeting with him and the safety service director to see if they can't figure a better way to collect this debt other than punishing 200 innocent families.
the guilty party doesn't feel the pain but 200 other people do,and that's wrong


Bet the management company is GOP through & through.

Chef Julio


Sounds more like something Obama and his crooks and cronies would pull off, then tell the residents that he is fighting for their rights!



You know, you lived here!


KURT I'm Republican and I as most Republicans know its wrong to punish the tenants,what if this guy didn't come up with the payment,how long would these people who are doing everything right as far as water bill goes be without running water?

swiss family

I say annex that property into Milan and let them deal with these "shady " owners..unless someone has something to say about it...........Josh????

eat my shorts's picture
eat my shorts

swiss - simple question for you: How do you force Milan into annexing the property? Do we threaten to invade with our new swat vehicle if they refuse?

swiss family



C-mon earl. You lost your job because of 1.


I lost my job by choice,being Republican i didn't have to work long,silver spoon and all.
@eat my shorts that swat vehicle would be great for an invasion but at one time they had a bunch of military equipment,so be careful


Another thought, is why owners complain about late rent, once in awhile, when their property is already paid off? And yet, they or their rich relatives can't find enough money to cover snow and ice removal or afford a few bags of ice melt. Thus , leaving poor residents to fall and injure themselves. Don't they care about their tenants? This is in regards to any complex or park owner.

Reputation is everything.


damn bottle kids..


I have asked to have the street lights fixed. there are two that have been out for two years and seven months. They were one of the reasons I moved in here because I liked the security lighing. Kids have egged my house because it is so dark on the side.

swiss family

Carolyn... maybe if you directed your question to the right person, something might be done to help you...I would suggest, and this is just a stab in the dark, of course, but it seems that J Cooper, seems to know a lot about government and even refereed to street lighting... he might be a good source to start with, of course I only base this on his own comments!!!and if he is the person who can help you, he might be too busy on his computer instead of working to help....just sayin

J Cooper

swissey your are the street light guru, did you ever get your personal street light?

swiss family

Josh really as a taxpayer and citizen.. I d NOT think you should be debating your Bullsh!t on here during working hours.If you can not find anything to do I am sure that if it was presented to your Boss, that you do not have enough work to do, he would certainly find it for you Then to use the information you have on behalf of the city, and display it here publicly even to the point of calling names.... remember your use of the word "Genius"???? that is an insulting term used as you did being who you are with the information you have and demeaning it to anyone on here in such a way...So Josh Cooper.. I would suggest that you find something to do.. perhaps work on a way to light up the only 2 blocks of all the alleys in Town... and see that 99.9% of the alleys are publicly paid and lighted.. so why aren't the remaining 2 ??? that is your job after all.. I would suggest you do your job, and try to find a way t light up as many dark places in the city as possible, after all we all know that if you add the combination of criminals, and dark alleys and garages in that alley, it is only a matter of knowledge to most people to know that it is a perfect recipe for crimes of all, kinds, so if you and this administration wants to get a grip on crime, I suggest you light up the streets and alleys... and that is your job... NOT being on the computer during working and city taxpayers time...

J Cooper

swissey, I suggest you call 419-668-8649 or 419-668-2442.


@ Swiss, How busy are you, on your computer, when you comment on EVERY article - EVERY day? Still at it , I see.

J Cooper

How busy is swiss, not much, its called not having a life.