Vandalism suspect sentenced

Local 16-year-old punished for summer mischievousness.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Sep 2, 2014


A 16-year-old New London Township boy was sentenced last week to pay for the vandalism he committed early this summer.

The boy admitted to spray-painting red anarchy symbols on two East Main Street homes as well as the Aster Court Apartment complex during the June incident.

He was also convicted for delinquency by reason of drinking while underage, said Chris Mushett, court administrator for the Huron County Juvenile Court. An assistant prosecutor didn't return calls for comment.

The defendant pleaded guilty to a count of delinquency by reason of criminal mischief while two other counts were dismissed as part of the plea deal, Mushett said.

The boy was ordered not to have any association with six other males, mostly juveniles, who are suspects in the underage drinking party, though none of them have been charged.

"I talked to the law director and he is going to file charges against the male adult next week," New London Police Officer Kevin VerBurg said.

There is "a possibility" the 16-year-old may testify against the adult for the vandalism allegations when his trial comes up, VerBurg also said.

As far as other defendants in the vandalism case, there is one other juvenile who could be charged, but he and his family moved to Tennessee, so VerBurg said "isn't really sure" whether he will ever answer to the charges.

"Hopefully we can get it all wrapped up and everybody can get some restitution," VerBurg said.

The court also sentenced the boy to submit to a substance abuse assessment and comply with any recommendations or further programs that are suggested. While the assessment is pending, the boy was ordered to remain on house arrest in the custody of his mother where they reside on Townline Road 187, Mushett said.

The boy also was ordered to comply with probationary sanctions until further notice of the court and write two essays.

The first essay, which must be 1,000 words, will encompass his thoughts on respecting other people's property, while the second, in the total of 750 words, is to include information regarding the dangers of alcohol poisoning, Mushett said.

As far as restitution, the boy's admittance to spray-painting the houses at 188 and 194 E. Main St. and the apartment totaled $1,499, which he must pay, Mushett said.

The court also ordered the boy to work 40 hours of community service.

There were more than 15 residents hit by the vandals on June 7, many of whom aren't included on the boy's list.



Why are none of the other 6 charged for under age drinking? What about the adult that hosted the party? If your going to do the job then do it right, sound's like they only did half the job there paid to do.

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Sorry it slipped.


Like dusty hall?


What a joke. Six other idiots participated in vandalizing the town and were drinking underage but they weren't charged. Thank God the inept P.D. drug their feet so one kid could move away and the rest escaped any sort of punishment for their crimes. Small town cops covering up for someone's punk kids.


They should have been given a bucket of water and a toothbrush....after the a$$ whoopin...