Woman accused of making meth in apartment

Local resident, 43, behind bars, facing felony charges.
Cary Ashby
Aug 27, 2014


A woman was arrested Monday on an allegation she was manufacturing methamphetamine in a Bellevue apartment.

Julie A. Singleton, 43, of 115-B Thomas Drive, Bellevue, was charged with illegal manufacturing of drugs, illegal possession of chemicals to manufacture drugs, deception to obtain a dangerous drug and three misdemeanor counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. She was arrested and transported to the Sandusky County Jail.

"Additional charges for felony possession are pending test results from the laboratory at BCI," said Bellevue Police Chief Mark Kaufman, referring to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

At 5:38, a woman notified police she was at a friend's house "when she found out that the individual had a meth lab in her house," according to the initial police report. The tipster couldn't provide Singleton's last name, but she knew the suspect's first name was Julie.

Just after 9 p.m., police, BCI agents and the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office used a search warrant at 119 Thomas Dr. Apt. F. Authorities used information in their ongoing investigation to obtain the warrant approved and signed by Judge Tom Aigler of Bellevue Municipal Court.

"Officers executed this search warrant and secured the scene. Upon searching the apartment, officers located suspected methamphetamine cooking pots and BCI deemed the area to be unsafe," Kaufman said in a prepared statement.

Police Sgt. Tom Saleski determined there were two juveniles in the residence, police said, and contacted Sandusky County Children Services.

"The Bellevue Fire Department was contacted and responded to assist with the scene. Officers evacuated residents from their apartments that were directly touching the affected apartment, for the safety of the residents," Kaufman said.

BCI agents took over the scene and with the assistance of firefighters, removed the suspected meth cook pots along with other items involved from the apartment.

"The suspected methamphetamine cooking pots were neutralized by BCI and gathered for evidence," Kaufman said.



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Ben Crazy

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Ben Crazy

Twin Lakes Finest Waitress!


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