Heinz stepping down at NEDC

Economic development boss accepts job at Borgers USA, the company she helped lure to Norwalk.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Aug 22, 2014


Norwalk Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Ellen Heinz will be stepping down as director to take a new position with a local company, according to Deb Reed, president, NEDC board of directors.

“After six years of dedicated work with NEDC, Ellen has been presented an opportunity that will allow her to stay in our community and provide her more time with her family,” Reed said.

Heinz will be joining Borgers USA, the automotive supplier that broke ground in Norwalk on Aug. 6 for the first phase of a $60 million manufacturing facility that will employ up to 250 workers. Heinz was instrumental in leading the team and attraction efforts that ultimately brought this international company to Norwalk.

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Sorry to see her leave, but must be a career move !

Fibber Mcgee

IMO, Good move for her, not really sure what she has done other than the place she now has a job at. Still congrats Ellen


Re: "other than the place she now has a job at."

Reads like: 'One and done,' doesn't it?

A possible case of quid pro quo?

The timing does appear specious. Not sure that this move would pass the 'smell test' on a fed or state level.

The projected 250 jobs induced with public money, is a 'drop in the bucket' compared to the hundreds (or thousands) that have been lost over the past several decades.

Good luck Ms. Heinz!


Obviously if she helped get Borgers here, they saw a lot of potential in her. Good luck to her in her new endeavor !


Is there some type of conflict here. I'm not sure and I am sure I will be corrected but if you help a company come to town and then accept a position with them, just asking.


that looks like the same wall in all the mug shots.. Lol.. bad positioning...


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Haters gonna hate.


Ellen has been a tremendous asset to the city and will be very hard to replace. She will do very well for Borgers, too, which we be also good for Norwalk. Congrats Ellen!