Construction worker hit by car on Benedict

Woman transferred to hospital
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Aug 22, 2014


A female construction worker was struck by a vehicle Friday on Benedict Avenue near Dave's Food Mart.

The worker was transported from the scene to the hospital.

Check back later for updates.




I can see that happening. Some people just never slow down !

David Deerest.

Some people need to speed up, goes both ways in this town. At any given time of day, the traffic congestion in Norwalk is out of control. There's no 'flow' of traffic here. Too many idiots texting, talking and above all, EATING. There's always an SUV or van packed full of porky kids and adults trying to eat their gosh darn dinner. Here's an idea, TAKE IT HOME. Quit multi-tasking on MY time. Lead, or get out of the way, I say.

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LOL Soo true David! +100

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Oh and don't forget each kid has a personal video screen blaring a dvd for them to keep everyone distracted :/