Callers are the ones wanted in this scam

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard warns residents.
Cary Ashby
Aug 24, 2014


Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard is warning area residents of a recent scam that is occurring in another Ohio county.

A telephone scam is occurring in which callers identify themselves as deputy sheriffs from a particular county and tell residents that there is a warrant out for their arrest for failure to appear. The scammers tell people that this can be resolved over the phone by posting bond with a credit card. When the residents give out their credit card information, funds are being taken.

Be aware that this type of call would never come from the Huron County Sheriff's Office, and individuals should always contact the sheriff's office if they are ever unsure about a phone call requesting money.

The sheriff's office can be contacted with questions, 24 hours a day, at (419) 663-2828.



Re: "credit card,"

Tell 'em to wait while you go and get it.

See how long you can keep 'em on the phone pretending to be 'hunting for it' before they get frustrated, curse at you and hang up.

I once had a guy who said that he was from a card co. and he wanted to put 'special fraud protection' on my account but he needed my card number in order to verify the account. lol


Did this with the "Microsoft tech support" people. He kept wanting me to tell him all my information. Give him control of my laptop. He knew my name, my address and my phone number, but not what kind of laptop I had. Kept telling me that was "none of his concern" but he needed control of it "right now" because I was sending out viruses and it was of great importance. He was going to revoke the license on my computer if I did not give him access to it. LOL. I tried to get him to hang up first, but after 27 minutes I could not take it and hung up on him.
When they called my husband at work 3 days later, my husband asked for a call back number and his name, the man refused...."why do you need that information sir" husband replied "because you called a POLICE STATION, sir"....They hung up on that. LOL

Another Opinion

I played along with this call telling them just in case we get cut off I wanted a number to call him back. He said, oh mam you are pretty smart. I wrote down each directive and answer so he thought I was complying with his program. He gave me several directives to which I would say "yes, okay what is next". After about the fifth command to enter five or six letters he asked what did I see on my screen. I said scammer! He said camera? I said no, scammer. I shared I had an Apple and not a Microsoft operating system. End of conversation. I googled the letters he gave me and it was a site where they take over your computer and passwords. It is good-bye to credit card info and banking info and accounts. We have to be very alert for cyber crimes.


There are SO MANY fun things you can tell them, such as "I gave that computer away MONTHS ago!", or "my computer isn't even hooked up to the internet'" or "it hasn't been on in months since I got my tablet!" So MUCH fun! Great job at calling them out!