UPDATED: Fatal crash kills one in Plymouth Township

One dead in crash
Aaron Krause
Aug 18, 2014



A motorcyclist was pronounced dead at an area hospital Monday following a two-vehicle crash on Ohio 61 in Plymouth Township.

Dead is Billy B. Jones, 65, of Willard, who was pronounced deceased at Ohio Health Med Central in Shelby.

A car, driven by 24-year-old Jennifer R. Woodhull, of Shelby, went left of center, according to evidence at the scene, and hit Jones' 2014 Harley Davidson.

The crash, which occurred in Richland County a little after 3 p.m., involved the Harley Davidson motorcycle and 2003 Pontiac passenger car.

The Harley Davidson was reportedly traveling north on Ohio 61 and the Pontiac was southbound on Ohio 61. 

The driver of the passenger car was extricated and flown from the scene to Grant Hospital in Columbus.

 Plymouth Fire Department, Mansfield Ambulance Service, Med Flight and ODOT assisted troopers at the scene of the traffic crash.

The traffic crash remains under investigation. More information will be published when it becomes available.  





Rip..prayers to the family.. probably texting while driving.. too bad an innocent life had to be taken.


Its easy to judge that she may have been texting, but we don't know for sure do we? Just pray you never get distracted so someone else can judge you wrongly. Prayers for both families


But she was..it already come out that she was!


if its proven then she will definitely pay! she will pay for the rest of her life



swiss family

I agree RIP and prayers to the family, BUT I think it is presumptuous
on your part to assume that texting was involved here.. it is possible, of course, but so is equipment failure, fatigue, driver distraction, being blinded by sunlight, alcohol, and so many other things..or it could be just plain carelessness..I do pray for peace for the families involved


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She was on first shift for the week because she had to for work. She normally works second shift. She fell asleep at the wheel. Ive talked to her family and I work with her so why dont you get your information straight before you judge someone.


Ok im sorry...but she still killed somebody!!


ok enough of that..rip and prayers to all involved.


"Dead is Billy Jones"... That was very poorly written.


As a member of the family of the deceased, I can say that although I do not hate this young lady personally, I do hate what she did. Bill was a Marine, a hard worker and a great husband and father. He had just retired and was looking forward to finally being able to enjoy all of the things in life that he never had time to do. He did not deserve for this to happen in such a careless way. This young lady will be going to prison 2-5 years for vehicular manslaughter. That is a given. Although someone on here has stated that she fell asleep at the wheel that isn't the truth. The family was already told at the hospital that her cell phone shows she was texting in the moments leading up to the fatal collision. For that there is no excuse. You will be missed Bill. We all loved you so much.


See I told y'all! She was texting.

swiss family

How old are you????? grow the Hell UP...




vehicle owner.... Sorry for your loss,prayers to you and your family.


Im an eye for an eye type of guy.If it is true she was texting n driving.She should get the death pently in my book.Not fair to this guy and his family.He has worked his whole life,to have this happen to him by some careless person.


The whole story sounded a little bit far-fetched. She normally worked 2nd shift, but MTD moved her to 1st shift, causing her to fall asleep at 3pm, during her normal work hours. It just did not add up, or at least the responses of those "in the know", did not make sense. Anybody that uses State Rt 61 in the morning, or evening knows that the mean rate of speed is 65 anyways, add in distracted driving, and the combination led to an unnecessary fatality. The OSP needs more patrol out there!


There is more traffic on Rt. 61 than most Interstates! Drivers come out of the curves North of Shelby and floor it to pass everyone they can before they get to Hazel Brush Rd. And yes, it is usually some clicking, clanking, wheezing beater of a vehicle or a crotch-rocket, or a jacked-up pickup truck with stack pipe exhausts. The semi's and their jake-braking do nothing to help the traffic noise either! I agree that more OSP need to patrol that stretch of highway. Condolences to the family of Billy Jones.


Very sad to hear as a fellow biker. My heart goes out to his family. Nothing can bring him back to his family, it was a senseless tragedy. But to say this woman deserves the death penalty is harsh. She herself is a mother, and she no doubt will pay for her mistake, and so will her children. I can't imagine having to live with that every day, and her family as well. My prayers are with both the families.


The loss is still raw for some people. Heck, once upon a time, you were killed for stealing a horse. In this modern time, for something that is preached at EVERYONE and so easily avoidable it seems ridiculous that people still do it. How many more need to die? Everyone blames teenagers? This was a grown woman. I see many grown adults doing it also. It is time to STOP. Think about it...

swiss family

normally these stories say if the motorcyclist is wearing a helmet or mot.... I wonder why they did not??


what do you care.. it doesn't really matter does it

swiss family

it does make a diference


Maybe she was doing the "Tex Messages" while driving ?
Mr. Jones was a very good man .. RIP....


Yes, Bill was wearing his helmet. It's just that the crash was so violent that it didn't help. It was a senseless act. We love you Bill and you will never be forgotten.


vehicle_owner Just because someone hits & kills someone doesn't mean they will get 2 to 5 years. There was a man who was killed about a year ago & the guy that hit him only got probation & community service!!

Mrs Green

Being the family of someone involved in an accident in this county, I'm pretty sure not a lot will happen! But texting while driving is wrong, and needs to be punished! If they can prove (and they should be able to) she was texting at the exact time of the accident she can be charged with aggravated vehiclar manslaughter, which is serious and will be a lot of jail time, if they charge her! Prayers to the families involved!


lets talk about response time. once again it involves Plymouth all they sent was 3 people in a fire truck what about an ambulance they didn't need 3 in a firetruck get in the real world Plymouth