'Highly intoxicated' suspect on intensive probation arrested

Norwalk woman previously convicted of DUI.
Cary Ashby
Aug 22, 2014


A woman on intensive probation for driving under the influence was arrested on an allegation she was "highly intoxicated" earlier this week.

"A concerned citizen called the Norwalk Police Department to report Stefani N. Clifton(-Laney) was at 14 Cortland St. and was intoxicated. Stefani is reportedly on intensive supervision through Norwalk Municipal Court," Sgt. Jim Montana said in his report.

Police on Monday located Clifton-Laney at the address and determined she was "highly intoxicated." Montana said officers contacted Abby Keefer, the intensive probation supervision officer through municipal court, who recommended they arrest Clinton.

"Officer Keefer gave Stefani a drug test, which came back negative," Montana said in his report. "Due to Stefani's intoxication and probation violation, officer Keefer decided to have Stefani incarcerated."

Clifton-Laney, 30, of 10 Jackson St., was transported to the Huron County Jail to await a bond hearing.

According to court and jail records, her underlying conviction is driving under the influence and Clifton-Laney was placed on two years of probation Nov. 25. Officer Zack O'Neil handled the Nov. 2 incident in which the defendant also was charged DUI refusal and failure to control.





Wow she looks like a Diva..errrghh!

Your neighbor

Her drug test came back Neg. give her a little credit.


Weren't her and her husband arrested a few years ago for beating their toddlers for stealing their joints?


Hmmm Sounds like that there intensive supervisions ot working out to well now is it


...wonder how the hangover turned out for her...


Is she on the calendar yet?


no, her drug test was clean so no calendar.. but seriously,that does deserve a bit of credit if she was a drug user before. most cant seem to quit.


I dont think she beat her children. It was shane, her EX-husband. Anyway, I just wanted to say that maybe a little credit is due from the fact her drug test was negative. Maybe have her see a counselor-- A real one on one experience. So that she feels heard instead of lonely looking to drown a deppresion from a bottle. She didnt go run and get heroin... she chose alcohol. what MOST americans chose.. it just happens to be she is on probation and made a bad choice probably stemming from a depression because she felt there wasnt anyone she could turn to. Jeeze Norwalk have some compassion for once. Write a 2 sentence letter to her saying she can do better. instead of down grading a bad decision. Every addict and ex addict just wants to know that they can be forgiven and heard. please just give a little credit.


Have some compassion???? You're kidding, right? This girl may have passed her drug test this time, but let's pull her record of how many she's failed! Not to mention she was just released from the hospital not long ago from an "infection"....caused from shooting up! This girl will never change, and I honestly don't think she wants to. So please save your sympathetic bull for some one that gives a crap. I'm sure I can speak for other Norwalk residents when I say how tired I am of seeing the same people over and over in the paper


Stefani Clifton
255 Shady Lane Dr.
Norwalk Oh, 44857


She without a doubt beat them and not for stealing a joint . Her ex husband has done his fair share of mess ups. But as we see she continues to mess up. And I would not waste my paper on her. Those children suffered and still do because of her.


I think its funny and ironic and sweetly karmic that someone snitched on her for being drunk. And I just want to say, that legal or not, alcohol is still a drug, an addictive and destructive one.


you people make me laugh. honestly. how do you know her infection was caused from heroin? ive had infections that i had to go to the hospital for that werent caused by heroin. and yes the boys had a horrible time over there and got whooped for taking their dope and needles. she whooped their BUTTS but didnt beat them. SHANE whooped them on their legs and back. none the less they shouldnt have even whooped them because they shouldnt have had them things in the first place. THAT WAS 5 YEARS AGO... and she has been trying. SHE IS CLEAN ... so what she was drinking. when has the paper printed the whole truth. someone could have been pissed off at her called the cops and she blew .01 over the legal limit... that causes them to say "highly intoxicated" I havent lived in norwalk for over 3 years and its because of people like you that dont give others the time of day to change their lives. she was drinking MY GOD YOU SHOULD STONE THE WOMAN TO DEATH.... that is the only thing that would make you people happy about any recovering addict... you dont care if they have been clean for a year... 2 years... 3 years.. 5... 10.. 15... they are ALL scum to you people and i just dont get why you have to HATE people so much.. what is wrong with your souls


Wrong with our souls? If driving drunk, puts all people in her vicinity in jeopardy. Innocent people. Hope your soul not in her hands. As you say "and she has been trying. SHE IS CLEAN ... so what she was drinking. when has the paper printed the whole truth. someone could have been pissed off at her called the cops and she blew .01 over the legal limit.." That's not clean.


It was not 5 years ago and let me tell you shane never beat them on their legs or back. Shane as been clean for awhile now and has shared parenting of his children. What does she have nothing. She lost her children and cant stay clean long enough to even try and get them back. And I am glad their father has them now they have a chance at a happy normal life. Im pretty sure shed been in n out of not only the hospital but the mental hospital and rehab oh and of course jail. Just because her test came back negative THIS time doesnt mean she wont go back to the drugs. I am all for recovery but some people are completely helpless. And the hate I have her is because of what she put 2 innocent children through. Silent night if it was your children , nice, nephew, cousin, whoever your tone might be a little different. I wish I could post pictures on here because I would show everyone how those children went home from the ONE day visit that month to s a place they should have felt safe. FORGIVE MY HATE FOR THE GIRL.


she drove drunk in nov of last year.. that was her DUI she wasnt driving for this case. Like I said before... an upset neighbor. But I did know shane and stefani when they were using and clean. Im not saying anything about Shane as a person now. what I will say though is that his sister even says he is using and selling stuff to get high. so Im not so sure you know him personally as of now. I will speak of about the time when I knew them when they were using and had their children ALL THE TIME after "the abuse" happened. I know what was said and I know Shane took part in it. HIS OWN WORDS. Im not saying she is mother of year or month or day. what I am saying is that she is TRYING... why not encourage her and show just slightest small bit of support. Not a single heroin user or recovering addict says " Im going to use today because everyone loves me and I have a lot of people supporting me to stay clean" ALMOST IF NOT ALL start using AGAIN. When their town and people closely around them say " I HATE YOU" " YOUR WORTHLESS" " YOU DONT EVER DESERVE YOUR KIDS" I completely understand the rage you have for what happened years ago atleast 4 if not 5 years ago. I knew them personally day in and day out 3 years ago and what they did was atleast a year before that. If stefani keeps using at random times and TRIES to get clean in a serious manner.. she needs SUPPORT, not mean people. Relapsing sucks for everyone involved her, her kids, the people that care... she needs tough LOVE not TOUGH HATE... I just want other people to understand that addicts play so tough on the outside.. but they really are fragile people on the inside and ones words can be the making of a strong supported recovering addict.. or the breaking of a fragile person that isnt strong enough on their own yet. Thats it. Im sorry to offend but I do feel the need to defend someone that has the want to stay clean off heroin .


First off after the abuse they didnt have the children at all. Not one single time how I know that...im the mother of the boys she beat. Yep..everyone knows me n im sure has something to say. I take care of my kids n give them everything they need. After SHE beat my kids they went through hell and back. Not seeing their dad because of the situation. Blood tests every so many months because they found her " medicine needle" after the abuse she has not seen or spoke to my children ONE single time. And yes it was like 3 years ago and shes been in n out of jail ever since. So yes I know shane personally I deal with him on a daily basis and no he is not using. He is a great father to his boys. He still has struggles n hard times but he is clean. I sat there n watched my children describe in detail at young ages what happened to them as they spoke to police. I think I know more about the situation then you do. My children still remember it. Sad children so young had to deal with that at a home where they should have been safe. My children have nothing but hate towards her as do I and MANY many people. And I dont blame any single one of them. I am all for recovery and giving people 2nd chances and I gave that girl plenty. But when you harm my children I dont care if shes struggling or needs a support system. I have zero sympathy for her. And I think anyone in my shoes would agree. Let someone physically attack your children and tell me if you forgive them. Or if you care if it was only alcohol this time that landed her in jail. Because I sure dont.


I'm so sorry your children had to go through that! I pray they were young enough to forget all about it when they are older.
And as for this thrash......The bottom line is that she is on probation and was drunk. If she can't even follow that one simple rule how in the world do you think she'll remain clean?


so im just going to say this last thing Tiffany. YOU hate her. I get it. IF someone beat the crap out of my daughter or sons it would be very difficult to forgive. I didnt once say to you " offer her forgiveness" what I did say... is to not PUBLICLY hate her. which I dont think matters to her because she already expects it from you. I will take the gentleman s route out of the conversation because I respect you as a person. I just would like people in the community to stop hating people that need help. thats all.


This girl has had more help than she deserves. I'm sorry but she doesn't deserve any more chances, throw her in prison and maybe that'll wake her up!