Hoyer or Manziel? Does it matter?

Browns go to Washington Monday night for second exhibition game.
Mike Greco
Aug 15, 2014


Now that Browns coach Mike Pettine named Brian Hoyer the starting quarterback against the Washington Redskins Monday what does that mean?

It means that Brian Hoyer is the starting quarterback in the second preseason game.

Now with that being said, the significance is Hoyer has a definite edge entering the Sept. 7 game at Pittsburgh as the team’s starting QB.

But it appears rookie Johnny Manziel will get the same amount of snaps with the first team Monday night.

This “quarterback controversy” has been going on since training camp opened in late July.

We’ve heard constant reports daily.

I get it. I’m not a curmudgeon. I know the world we live in with social media.

But I’m not sure what the significance is of Hoyer throwing a touchdown or interception in a practice. The same goes for Manziel.

Or that receiver Willie Snead makes a nice running catch in practice.

The bottom line is what happens on the field is the one who is going to start at QB.

That means leading the team to touchdowns and not field goals.

That means keeping the chains moved. That means making a key third-down throw. That means limiting mistakes.

I still think Hoyer will open as the starting QB at Pittsburgh.

It seems Pettine and the staff will name the starter for the opener early next week.

I’m a Cleveland Browns fan. I have been since the late 1970s.

I want them to succeed and with just two winning seasons since 1999, this is ridiculous.

I want Brian Hoyer to do well. I want Johnny Manziel to do well.

I want Donte Whitner to do well. I want Karlos Dansby to do well. I want John Greco (not just because of the surname either) to do well.

I want the team do well.

At the end of the play, it’s about a team winning — not a position.



As he is the quarterback "of the future"...give him as many snaps as possible as soon as possible so he can fully grasp the system in live action. He is an intelligent guy who catches onto things quite rapidly, learns quickly from his mistakes and is a Warrior (did I mention his scrambling ability, quick field assessment and bullet-like passing?). It may mean some additional losses initially (and it may mean a couple extra wins by the same token) but in the end...the Browns will be better off sooner rather than later. I just hope the offensive line protects whoever is playing the quarterback position.


Hoyer seems to be doing fine. Let's give him a chance also.

Cliff Cannon

" . I just hope the offensive line protects whoever is playing the quarterback position. " Amen.

Here's hoping it is " Johnny Football " running the show. For performers of his caliber come along so seldom, that they are to be treasured when they are with us.

Obviously, the question of the day is to us believers as well as to the naysayers : " Is Johnny the real deal ? " My vote is yes ! Start him now.


JM has proven college skills but the jury is still out on his NFL skills.


The reality here is that about 75% of first round QB's fail to even become long term starters (64 games) in the NFL. Overdrafting as well as starting them too soon contributes to this high failure rate. Added to this is that Manziel was not even in the top 5 of college QB's last season. Of the current elite QB's only 1 started his rookie season. I think letting the guy develop makes a whole lot more sense than starting him this season.

Cliff Cannon

" I think letting the guy develop makes a whole lot more sense than starting him this season " No doubt. Yet, the Browns ain't going nowhere and of course recently Luck, Dalton & RG3 have done pretty darn good as rookie starters.

So I am going with the popular prediction; Coming out of our bye week. Johnny moves in as starter. Here's hoping, that happens,as well as he's as fun as advertised.


Cliff - Luck could certainly develop into an elite QB - Rg3 has had one OK season and one not OK season. Dalton could make the 64 game standard but I suspect few believe he will develop into an elite QB. And what all of them have in common is that "the Matador" Mitchell Schwartz does not play RT on their O-Line. Being Cleveland's QB is hazardous to your health as long as Schwartz is starting.

Cliff Cannon

Sarrak :" Being Cleveland's QB is hazardous to your health as long as Schwartz is starting " Very good point

I think the difference in our opinion's is that you have the patience to keep a shiny new sports car in the garage to be used only on special occasions. While I want to drive the car right now as well as quite often.

One things for sure in my world. Is that in the 2 fantasy leagues I am in. I will not be drafting Manziel or Hoyer. Although, in a 14 team league with me having the last pick. I am hoping for A.J. Green to fall to me. Then will hope to get Dalton in the 4 th. round.

Do you play fantasy football ?


I don't fantasize about men playing football. LOL!

Dr. Information

If J M plays this year, he will be a bust.


Go steelers!!!