Clerk charged with furnishing beer to informant, 19

Allege offense took place at Norwalk store.
Cary Ashby
Aug 20, 2014


A local clerk has been charged with selling beer to a 19-year-old confidential informant during a liquor compliance check.

Bobbie J. Barnett, 33, of 109 N. Hester St., is charged with selling beer or intoxicating liquor to an underage person. The first-degree misdemeanor is in connection with a compliance check Aug. 9 at Mickey Mart, 331 Milan Ave.

The Norwalk Police Department did checks at local convenience, drive-thru and grocery stores that have permits to sell alcohol.

At 5:41 p.m., the confidential informant was sent in to Mickey Mart. Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton said the "cooperating individual" bought a 25-ounce can of Busch Light beer and left the store at 5:43.

"The subject turned over a can of Busch Light beer and a receipt from the purchase. The receipt indicates $1.79 with 13 cents tax for a total of $1.92. It should be noted the receipt also indicates 'customer ID verified,' however, the subject was sent into the store without any identification," Fulton wrote in his report.

The informant told police Barnett didn't ask for identification and described her "as having short, dark hair in a pony tail and a name tag with the name 'Bobbie' on it," the detective said.

Fulton and Detective Sgt. Seth Fry returned to the store later and identified the clerk as Barnett.

"Ms. Barnett confirmed she was the only one working at the store at the time of the sale. She said she did not even remember not asking the subject for identification," Fulton said.

Barnett came to the police station at Fry's request Monday and was issued a summons.




Its good to get these "hardened criminals" out of a job (fired) and back on the dole... Wonder what they did with that beer?


Wonder if this is also an easy paycheck for some 19 yr old who can't get a real job.
Is there a sign at the: unemployment office, manpower, county jail..
Does someone get to receive reduced fine money?
just wondering

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Chester Lester

I did this job once years ago when I was 20. It payed $10/ hour cash money under the table. It was a nice little pay day. We were wired so the cops new exactly what was going on. Once the purchase was made we went thru the act of being arrested and hauled off in cuffs to make it look real. The irony though is that it's a waste of time and money. One by one, each offender got off because it was deemed to be entrapment.


Sounds more like a cop was stalking, setting up Miss Barnett and just waiting for some young guy who looked older to bribe him to try it..
did she dump a cop boyfriend lately?? A cops son get his heart broke? Did she refuse to give a cop a free cup of coffee?
think about it.

I Can Read

I hate everything about this!!!! I can't stand a set up like this, if the cops don't have anything better to do than set up nice people for selling beer to a kid who probably looked 30 or sitting around clocking people who aren't bothering anyone then we are over employed, it's time to lay off some cops. Fight the tricky criminals and leave the easy to pinch good people alone.


I mean, its not like Huron County has a heroin problem or anything like that. Ridiculous. C'mon Norwalk PD, step it up a bit.




So you all are ok with people selling beer to underage kids? What happens when a car full of them buy beer, get drunk, drive around, hit a tree, or another car with a family in it and kill someone?? You will be the same people screaming to charge whoever sold it to them.
She KNOWS to ID every one. It is her job. Not that hard to do. As for a "set up". Naw, they probably heard it through the grapevine this was the place to buy beer. Everyone knows there is always one that does it.


You speaks of kids???? I wasn't to many years ago 19 was legal age and not to long before that, 18..
Now when you speak of kids 19, you somehow miss the age of consent, majority of the active duty servicemen/women, age of able enter marriage, etc.

adult court if 18, yet a kid at 19?

I am not buying your example of irresponsibility. Plenty DUI's are ages far older than 19 with the same risk.
Heck a 47 yr old state cop got busted lately.
just not a good argument 19... kid????


So THIS one was 19. What happens when she doesn't card a 17 or a 16 year old? What is the difference? It is against the law. Which laws do you prefer to enforce. Yes you can get married. You can die for your country, but you cannot buy a beer. I do not make the laws.
Point being, you are ok with underage KIDS buying beer with no ID checks? I was just trying to make the point of if kids buy beer and something happens to them in an accident, people are going to want heads to roll. So many complain the cops do nothing, then complain when the are doing something.


Agreed...but stop with the "kid" calling @ 19..
that is why we have so many young men and women..."not grown up enough" because people like you use the word kid..
It's not your fault, you've been brainwashed, so have young adults...."your just a kid" even our government feels a person 26 "should still be a kid and on parents health care plan".

When left with that, the concept of responsibility is watered down..


Well, I was 19 married, living with my husband on a Marine Corps base and people still called me "kid"....guess it is just a habit. I couldn't buy beer, heck, at the time in North Carolina I couldn't even buy spray paint to make a sign when he returned from a mission.
I don't think people "like me" calling someone, kid, is really the problem with today's young adults.


Well i turned 19, 3 months before Ohio changed to 21.. Look it up, i was born spring of 68 and therefore 86 graduate so it would have been the summer of 87
and thru grandfather clause was still able to continue to purchase alcohol..go figure, now how did that make me anymore responsible...say a yr later when my fellow classmates and i were both 20, i could still buy, they couldn't due to a few months in birth???
so as to just put an age (cut and dry, wide spread) on "kid" is just purely wrong in my view.


Like ^




So righteous!!


Fulton and Detective Sgt. Seth Fry returned to the store later and identified the clerk as Barnett. Surprised these two didn't use the troop transport to arrest the criminal. Wonder if either has ever heard of heroin ?


Fry & Fulton couldn't care less about the heroin problem unless they can be mentioned in the report or have a hand in it. I'm starting to wonder why we have the PD in this town don't just save taxpayer money & focus all their crime stopping on aggravated littering...any decent lawyer gets a fine outta these fine man hours put in.


^^^Hmmm???? No wonder you're such an angry cop hating fella:


I followed your link..question, What was the result?
not sayin', just asking.

Because i do not have a per-say bad attitude toward cops but as probably many others, i have had past charges that a certain NPcop stemmed up based on something that was none of his business about 8 yrs ago, after some cash (which many don't have)(lucky i did) the cop and judge's attitude... toward my attitude.. toward them and there trumped up charges. A jury of my peers deliberated less than 5 minutes...all charges dropped.
Moral of story..
Things like set-ups, gonna get ya back, you can't talk to me that way, do run through some big-headed authority figures.


Getting and keeping a permit to sell alcohol includes certain responsibilities. One of those is NOT selling to underage buyers. They put the checks in the sales systems to REMIND the clerk to CHECK the ID. The permit holder and the individual clerks are part of the SOLUTION to underage drinking, so are held accountable separately. Occasional checks are part of the system to assure compliance. I know that I wouldn't be too happy to find out my 17 year old could just walk in and buy alcohol because a clerk was too lax or too lazy to check. As was suggested above, wrapping a car around a tree is a poor reminder about laws to proect our children. In regards to the heroin problem, local law enforcement works on multiple cases all the time. Just because they issued a citation for a compliance violation here, does not mean that they weren't watching a druggy in the area too. Officers watch for traffic violations while they are on the way to other calls. It's called multi-tasking. I know we have all heard of it. It's something local LEOs do all the time. Most are out doing the job everyday, whether they get the press for it or not. Checking the sales clerks and the permit holders is part of the process to maintain local control of the liquor sales program. If we were to be too lazy or too "busy" to perform that function, we might lose the say in to whom and where liquor permits are issued.


In a study done by Clifford Nass, it was proven that multitasking actually makes you less productive and actually slows one down in their everyday life. "The Distraction Trap". Good book...Perhaps that's whats wrong with the police. Too much multitasking....


I know this girl the cop told her if she knew anyone who sold dope she could get out of this. What a joke


^ they have been doing that a lot lately... asking people if they know if anyone sells dope and they can get out of things.... hhmmm shady NPD...


The law also states that if you attempt to purchase, pay for or consume underage it is a first degree misdemeanor. The informant should have been arrested and both officers should be reprimanded for not arresting the "informant"/ criminal. Breaking the law to catch someone breaking the law?