Concerned group meeting about wind turbines again tonight

Wednesday's meeting drew about 40 people.
Aaron Krause
Aug 14, 2014


About 40 people attended a presentation regarding what a group calling itself Greenwich Neighbors United claims are the negative health effects of wind turbines.

Phil Hartke, past president of the Illinois Farm Bureau, spoke to the folks about his son living amid wind turbines and experiencing sleep and other health problems. The event took place Wednesday at the Rural Coon Hunters Club, 3321 Plymouth East Road, Greenwich.

Greenwich Neighbors United will host Hartke again at 7 p.m. today at the same venue.

According to the group's website, a wind turbine project is slated not just for Greenwich township but there are two more proposed commercial/industrial wind turbine projects targeted for Huron County.

Greenwich Neighbors United's website is located at



for real people.. let something come to Greenwich before the town just dies from abandonment

Phillip Hartke

Before you decide I am blowing wind spend 30 nights in a house in a wind farm that is producing electricity.


Are you kidding me, wind turbines cause health problems?? People use to think that microwaves soaked food with harmful radiation and electricity caused cancer. This is ridiculous. To alleviate your concerns I can send someone who can read the bumps on your head to reveal the future of health related wind turbine issues.


i will provide the bumps..


Interesting documentary called WindRush by CBC on the debate going on in Canada. It's pretty informative throughout, and they present some of the opposition's viewpoint starting at about the 11 minute mark.

The single biggest issue is probably the noise, as these things are getting to be massive. The resulting sleep deprivation is probably causing side effects.

I worked with a company that had a meeting room that got hit with the shadow of the blade of a turbine in the mornings. Even with the shades drawn, I have to say it was brutal - kind of like a slow strobe effect I guess. The constant light-dark changes had everyone popping Tylenol by lunch.

I personally could get past the noise, but I think I'd move if I had to deal with that agonizing slow strobe when I'm trying to enjoy my weekend mornings.

Phillip Hartke

Many people still believe tobacco is safe. Science have proven tobacco use can cause cancer. Sleep deprivation will bring on many health problems.


Heroin- Good
Wind Mill- Oh god, no way. Not in my back yard...


Phil Hartke more than likely worried about completion & his subsides being cut.


I'm sure they would welcome some nice fracking wells instead.

Chef Julio

Tomozz - you need to learn the truth about freaking, and not just what Hollywood wants to feed you.


I am afraid to ask Chef Julio what he knows about "freaking".


I don't want to be sitting in my woods and having these obtrusive, noisy things......

Really are you ...

There are a lot of things that we see in life that we don't put 2 and 2 together. Not putting these things together are keeping us from our full potential. A college degree is a piece of paper saying that you have an in depth knowledge in a certain field. While obtaining this degree one is pursuing, one has learned previous studies in attempts and fails. If we were to apply what we see around us right now, there are solutions to these current problems. Want wind farms without the big propellers? Do it different. Want to generate your own electricity independent from the grid without the current methods of electrical generation in a completely green way? Do it different. Want to power your modes of transportation without the current methods of propulsion in a completely green way? Do it different.

This is the area of concentration Huron County needs to focus on, so when the next recession comes around we are not near the top 10 of counties in Ohio for unemployment. If we want to be in the top 10 for the employed, for all of the counties of the State of Ohio. We need to do it different. Limited thinking, and limited challenge sought for change almost everything will remain the same.

Phillip Hartke

CORRECTION--Phillip Hartke was a past president of Effingham County Farm Bureau not the past president of Illinois Farm Bureau. I am still an active member Effingham County Farm Bureau.