Reagan Foundation gives $300K gift for new NHS weight room

Work to begin soon on new building.
Cary Ashby
Aug 16, 2014


The new sport complex/weight room has a new name -- thanks to a $300,000 gift.

The Reagan All-Sports Complex will be located behind and north of Norwalk High School. During Tuesday's regular board meeting, the Norwalk City Schools board members authorized the Norwalk Boosters to begin construction.

Wilhelm Construction will start construction in about six weeks, board president John Lendrum said. By Sunday's all-school alumni reunion, stakes should be in the ground to show people where the Reagan All-Sports Complex will be built.

The Norwalk Boosters has received $300,000 from the Reagan Foundation, which was given the rights to name the new facility.

"Outside of Ernsthausen donations, this is one of the largest gifts the Norwalk City Schools has received," Lendrum said.

Boosters past president Eric Neuberger is grateful for the generous donation and soon-to-be built facility.

"It's huge for the athletes. The facility they've been lifting in is inadequate compared to other (similar) schools," said Neuberger, who equated the previous area with the size of two classrooms.

"We're grateful to Mr. Reagan for his contribution," Neuberger said.

William Reagan, who graduated from NHS in 1963, is a former Norwalk football player. Lendrum said the man's company, Reagan National Advertising, is known for its bulletin boards and advertising in Las Vegas.

Reagan National Advertising shares its experience with advertising in Las Vegas on its website, Reagan also has Northern Nevada locations in Carson City and Winnemucca.

"With an exceptional tourism industry and a phenomenal growth rate, Las Vegas is a great place to do business. Our bulletin locations can help you to reach your audience throughout this ever-changing and always-surprising city," the website reads.

Before the $300,000 donation from the Reagan Foundation, the boosters had raised $430,000 in cash for the sports complex. In early November, the boosters announced that the Geotrac Foundation provided a $50,000 grant.

"The boosters want to thank the Geotrac Foundation for their $50,000 grant. This becomes the third largest gift for the project and puts the construction on schedule for a spring starting date," said Joe Widman, chairman of the sports complex committee, at the time.

Lendrum said the Reagan Foundation's gift has allowed the group to reach its goal of $558,500. None of the money comes from the school district.

The Reagan All-Sports Complex will be a 12,000 square-foot facility.

"It will have a turf area. There is open space to do running and stretching," Neuberger said.



Bill Reagan was in the NHS class of 1963, not 1967. Bill, thank you for your generous donation to your beloved alma mater.

Joe Centers

Thanks for the info.

Cliff Cannon

We can never thank you enough Mr. Reagan for this stunning display of generosity to your hometown.


Ever notice how well-healed, out-of-state former residents (Reagan, Suhr, et. al.) simply throw money back into the community for naming rights?

Chef Julio



It's just Condowner..always has something negative to say about everything.


Re: "negative,"

The best and brightest leaving and sending back 'crumbs' to the old and the poor is just a fact.


Re: "and?"

The exodus of the best and brightest continues unabated.


Yea, it is like a big headstone !

Yeah, I noticed. I see you noticed.
Are you upset someone from half way across the country cares more about his old school than you? And wants to do something to aid in the physical well being for the students. Did he open his wallet before you got the chance? Or are you trolling for some type of controversy about the cost of the facility?
I noticed!

Make your point!

mnmsmom are an absolute idiot. Way to find one cloud in the sky.

Another Opinion

Contango, this is a common practice for naming a facility with these large donations. Do you have the "darned if you do and darned if you don't mentality"? Be grateful that former residents want to fund their community to provide or upgrade opportunities for the residents. There are many other sources that could have been an option for the donation but he chose Norwalk.

I remember 1957 when the Fishers provided much of the money for the new hospital in Norwalk. Compare the old hospital building on West Main St. and what is now on Benedict Ave. with their name. You will better understand when you critically need the services.


Re: "critically need the services,"

There's a critical need for a $558,500 exercise complex?

There'll be no eventual taxpayer cost for upkeep?

The world is clamoring for STEM, not sports.

This changes nothing of the decades long mantra: Get an education and get out!

Another Opinion

The post referred to you possibly needing the services of a hospital named after a family who left building carriages at the bottom of the Benedict hill and moved to Detroit. They were great benefactors of St. Paul Catholic Church and School and your local hospital back in the area where they once lived.

Should you need the services of the hospital in a critical situation and your life is saved, think about the fact others gave to their community to make this state of the art facility possible.


Re: "hospital,"

A fallacious straw man argument, i.e., no comparison whatsoever to a HS sports exercise complex or a public park.

Again: There's a critical need for a $558,500 exercise complex?


Condowner..stop bloviating you isn't quite as intelligent as ya may thunk... Maybe ask a question as to why they donated(?) Ask! You may understand and not be so "down" on everything!


Re: " isn't quite as intelligent as ya may thunk"

Further proof that the "best and brightest" are and have been exiting, while leaving mostly societal dregs.

Have a nice day Sport.


You came up with bloviate, can't ya come up with something better than Sport?


Re: "something better than Sport?"

Rather not sink to your juvenile level of name calling, Sport.

Again: Have a nice day & thanks for asking.


Actually you just went saying you wouldn't name call, then you did! NAH NAH! I got you!!!


Re: "NAH NAH! I got you!!!"

As is said: 'Little things' amuse little minds.

Congrats! You made the cut.