Carl Essex recalled as kind, job-focused

Huron County engineer's administrative assistant to the
Aaron Krause
Aug 14, 2014


Carl Essex had cancer, but cancer didn't have Carl Essex.

That's essentially what people who knew and worked with the administrative assistant to the Huron County engineer said Tuesday -- the day after he lost his several-year battle with the disease.

"He battled that thing for five to six years," county engineer Joe Kovach said.

Still, he regularly came to work, reporting for duty not just on weekdays but Saturdays and Sundays.

"He loved Huron County," Kovach said. "The highway department was his life."


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Wasn't he the guy that got this county's Hwy. dept. to work 4/10's in the eighties ? That helped everyone.


I worked on a project with Carl when he was the Safety-Service Director in Bellevue in the late 80's or so. He was a dedicated, hard worker then, too, I recall. Always a kind word, and looking out for the community. He will be missed.