Local man arrested on cocaine charge

Sheriff: "This was a fairly significant trafficking operation."
Scott Seitz2
Aug 9, 2014


Huron County sheriff's deputies arrested a major player in local cocaine trafficking Thursday.

"At 3 p.m., myself and a number of deputies executed a search warrant at Lot 28 of the Rustic Hills mobile home park," Sheriff Dane Howard said.

The park is located at 5144 U.S. 250.

Arrested at that location was David DeLeon, 40.

"Deputies seized 22 grams of cocaine and $800 in cash," the sheriff said.

"The investigation involved cocaine trafficking," he added. "That was a significant amount of cocaine seized. He admitted trafficking in the city of Norwalk."

DeLeon is facing the initial charge of possession of cocaine. Howard said information is being forwarded to prosecutors regarding the additional charge of trafficking in cocaine.

"More arrests are likely in this case," the sheriff said.

DeLeon was transported to the county jail to await a bond hearing.

Howard estimated the street value of the cocaine at $4,000.

"Sgt. Josh Querin and the detectives led the investigation," he added. "Members of the Monroeville police department and other agencies assisted."

Howard said DeLeon was arrested without incident.

The investigation took a few days.

"This was a fastly-evolving investigation," Howard said. "This is part of a larger investigation being conducted. This concludes a portion of the investigation.

"This was a fairly significant trafficking operation," he said.



El Popeye !


I didn't know at the time what it was about, but around 10 pm that same night, went across scanner that there was a lot of traffic going in and out of lot # 28 again. Requested officers head there. Maybe he wasn't put in jail right from the search?


Hmm More arrest are likely to be made..Like him admitting to selling in Norwalk, wander if he rolling over on people. I'd be nervous if I was to have had any dealings with him


Thats what they put in the paper to make it sound like that.. they did it in my article 3 years ago. it doesnt mean anything. BUT i will add i ve also been clean for 3 years.. so i dont want to hear anything about the "My article" thing


...as I understand it, (my brother is in AA) a day at a time is a hard thing ...three years! - knuck bumps - great!
...also, many of us don't always buy into everything in print - not that I'm knocking the news - better to have the freepress than not...


How about Jordan burkes heroin bust. He is from norwalk and made the big time news in cleveland! A former Basketball player for norwalk. One of coaches faves