Authorities have suspect in Willard residential blaze

Suspect has been sent to hospital for mental evaluation.
Aaron Krause
Aug 7, 2014


Police here have identified a suspect in a July 27 house fire on Keefer Street, but authorities aren't releasing his name since he hasn't been charged.

Willard Police Chief Mark Holden said the suspect has been sent to a hospital for a mental evaluation. Once that assessment has been completed, police will send a report to the law director for the consideration of charges, the chief said.

Willard Fire & Rescue Chief Joe Reiderman referred all calls to the state fire marshal's office.

Spokeswoman Lindsey Burnworth said the fire has been ruled an arson. Since the case remains under investigation, she said she couldn't release any information.

Willard Fire & Rescue received a 9-1-1 call at 6:24 p.m. July 27 reporting a residential fire at 319 Keefer St.

Firefighters found smoke and flames on the first and second floor. The blaze was under control within 30 minutes. Nobody was home at the time.

Firefighters were on scene until 11:47. The department sent nine vehicles. Nineteen personnel responded to the report of the fire, which caused no injuries.






A Willard article not written by Carey Ashby is an article not worth reading in my opinion! The best parts of this story are not even included. I really hope this story gets a follow up. Fun facts about this story; the man said God told him to do it, the fire department was already there (with 2,000 gallons of water)to put out his burning trash container before he torched his house, and he was fighting with the neighbors about being able to burn trash in town and that was what started the whole thing.

This is the 5th residential fire in the past month if my math is correct.

so sick of stup...

they should do ever kind of drug test there is on him...because odds are he was on something and flipped out...everyone knows who it is or was..this is old news..hope he don't get aways with it..same idiot that 2 days before took clothes off and went for a walk stark naked looking at the sky..thinking that was ok..DONT DO DRUGS PEOPLE..things like this will happen....js


Sounds like drugs and or a mental issue. They need to check both. Drugs will make you trip out too. Please do an up dated article with more detail.