UPDATE: Toledo lifts ban on drinking tap water

Mayor Collins: 'Our water is safe'
TNS Regional News
Aug 4, 2014


The ban of drinking water in northwest Ohio was lifted early today, after tests of Toledo water showed safe levels of the toxin microcystin.

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins announced at a 9:30 a.m. news conference that all tests in the city showed non-detectable levels of the toxin, meaning that a ban of consumption of the water that had been in place since early Saturday morning was lifted.

“Our water is safe,” he said.

To demonstrate his confidence, Mr. Collins finished the news conference by drinking a cup of Toledo water.

“Here's to you Toledo, you did a great job," he said.

City leaders said the cost of dealing with the crisis was high, but said they did not yet know a dollar amount.

Residents were told to flush their water systems if they had not used water since Saturday. Directions on how to flush homes and businesses would be put on the city's Web site.Those who had used water regularly since the ban could use the system safely immediately. City officials stressed that residents should not overburden the water system by everyone turning on their water at once.

The announcement meant water was safe, not that residents should go on a water binge. Area water stations were scheduled to close at 11 a.m.

The news followed a late night news conference where Mayor Collins announced that the advisory against drinking the city's tap water or returning to normal usage operations would stay in effect until further notice.

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Hmmm..we can all do a little research on Toledo's current situation -
Just type this phrase into Google search screen:"Lake Erie Sewage Spill"

You will see LOTS of stories about raw sewage being dumped directly into Lake Erie by the City of Toledo lol.

There's a story from the Toledo Blade just 4 years ago:
"Toledo sewage spills persist as residents' bills increase"

***I tried to paste the link here but it wont let me-just go to Toledo Blade and enter the above headline and you will find it***

The main thrust of the story is to complain about people in toledo having to pay higher sewer bills--HOWEVER here are some interesting statements in this story:
In speaking about Toledo's water treatment plant upgrade called "Toledo Waterways Initiative" (which hasn't been created yet lol):

"The No. 1 benefit is a cleaner environment for our citizens and residents," said George Robinson II, Department of Public Utilities commissioner, explaining how the waterways initiative he oversees could virtually make sewage spills a thing of the past by 2020.

The annual sewage overflow is so enormous that the city doesn't attempt to calculate it in gallons.
OMG! It does mention "phosphorus from farming" of course lol but lets get our priorities straight here! The City of Toledo has been collecting money from Toledo residents since a court ruling in 2002 to create this
"Toledo Waterways Initiative" which won't actually start functioning until 2020 --

Meanwhile the City of Toledo continues to dump SO much sewage into Lake Erie that they don't even keep track of it in gallons hahahahaha

And this has been going on for HOW LONG ????

Golly Gee city officials just can't figure out WHY the drinking water is "suddenly" full of sh*t!?
"Nothing like this has ever happened before...????"
Like I said - if you want to know WHY sewage is coming out of everyone's faucets just Google " Lake Erie Sewage Spill " --every city that borders lake erie including Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland (etc etc) IS currently dumping sh*t into the lake every time it rains!
What else is there to know about this situation?
Well, according to this same story:

On its Toledo Waterways Initiative Web site http://www.toledowaterwaysinitia...
residents can see for themselves where the problem areas lie, but the spills are documented only in the number of uninterrupted minutes of each flow.

LOL go ahead folks go check out how much crap Toledo has pumped directly into Lake Erie lately....
Then we have this statement:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was in litigation with Toledo for more than a dozen years over the filth, claiming it violated the 1972 federal Clean Water Act.

The story also says:

Toledo records show hundreds of spills from one or more of the city's 33 outfalls during the last year. (which was 4 years ago cause this story is from 2010)

The spills range from a single minute to 24 consecutive hours a day.

The worst, No. 33, is in South Toledo near Orchard Street, Maumee Avenue, and Lotus Avenue, just east of Danny Thomas Park.

Heres a map where you can see ALL the raw sewage dumping locations within Toledo Ohio. Check it out and see theres one near your home--there probably is


Well that's enough from this story I guess--go ahead and read the rest if you can stand it :(
I say if ALL the cities stop dumping raw sewage into the lake (which obviously will never happen but I'm just saying) - if they ever did stop and there was still contaminated tap water then let go ahead and blame farming....
For now tho - its garbage in / garbage out. Plain and Simple.


dont drink the water, drink beer..

Tippythehippy's picture

know this for years. when you go to the beach around Clev. there aree tampon applicators galore....use tp...ect gross