Norwalk D.A.R.E. officer brings home five medals

Officer Daniels earns four gold medals and a silver one at Cam-Am police-fire games.
Joe Centers
Aug 5, 2014


By day David Daniels is the D.A.R.E. officer for the Norwalk Police Department.

By night he is an iron worker. More like a pumping iron worker.

Daniels competed July 18 and 19 in the Cam-Am police-fire games and came home with five medals -- four gold and a silver.


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Cliff Cannon

Awesome accomplishment Double D. Very proud to have you representing Norwalk.... the city of champions.


It appears to me that Norwalk has a HUGE drug problem. Has D.A.R.E really delivered any ROI????


The stories I read here say the juvenile drug problem is pretty small compared to the adult problem, so I think the return is pretty good. It is only once people get older, that it is a serious problem. ROI, for what is actually spent, I believe, is pretty darn good. Remember, this is RESISTANCE education, not insulation. We can't blame the problem on one program. More likely, it is influenced more by family and friends, and lack of coping support, not poor education. People who choose to start this lifestyle are usually following someone else's bad example. There is only so much one program or person can do with a couple hours' influence in a week, compared to the other 160 plus hours' worth. In regards to the accolades for this fine officer, I say, "Great Job!" This is a reflection of the personal values he brings to the job, as well as his personal life. The fact that he chose to compete against others in the public purview tells about the man. He works hard at what he does, but the results aren't always a fair indicator of the effort put into something. In this case, the rewards showed. With DARE, it can take YEARS to see the results, and the positive results aren't always obvious.