Norwalk man facing felony charges after allegedly hurting baby

8-week-old baby had bump on head and bruises on nose, right side of the face, upper lip and both legs, deputies say.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 1, 2014


A Norwalk man is facing a pair of felony charges after allegedly causing injuries to an 8-week-old girl.

Nathan Wohlever, 24, of 5144 U.S. 250, Lot 116, has been charged with assault and child endangerment after an investigation by the Huron County Sheriff's Office.

"We received a call at 2:54 p.m. Tuesday from a Norwalk Police Department officer who said he was at Fisher-Titus Medical Center and possibly looking at a child-abuse case," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

"The officer asked if our deputies could assist in the investigation," Patrick said.

The suspected incident took place outside Norwalk city limits at Wohlever's residence.

"We were greeted at the hospital by a 21-year-old mother and 8-week-old baby girl," Patrick said. "There were possible injuries to the baby and (Huron County) Children's Services was called."

The child was transferred to Akron's Children's Hospital for further examination where the baby was treated and released.

"The baby had a number of injuries, including a bump on the top of the head, bruise on the nose, a small bruise on the upper lip, bruises on both legs and a slight bruise on the right side of the face," Patrick said.

"Deputies interviewed the mother and baby's aunt and discovered the baby had been left in the care of Wohlever for about 45 minutes while the mother was at work and before the aunt could pick the baby up," the chief deputy said.

"When the aunt received the child, the child would not stop crying," Patrick said. "The aunt also noticed the injury on the upper lip.

"The baby would not stop crying for the aunt, so the baby was taken to the mother who was at work at a local grocery store," Patrick said. "An ambulance was called and the baby was taken to Fisher-Titus."

Patrick said a number of people were interviewed during the investigation.

"We met with the family, including the mother, grandfather and 8-week-old child and gathered additional details," he said.

Detective Eric Bardar then located Wohlever on Thursday for an interview. Sheriff Dane Howard and Patrick participated in the suspect's interview.

"Wohlever made some admissions he was responsible for the injuries," Patrick said.

Howard said the suspect wasn't cooperative at first.

"This was the third time he was interviewed and he was dishonest with the deputies the first two times," the sheriff said. "He first told a fairly elaborate story -- a lie -- that was not conducive to the facts. There were six points of injury on the child that did not come from one harmful event."

Wohlever posted bond Friday and was released.


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The paper won't let me post profanities on here


Let me guess she wanted to drive the ATV herself? Some people just need to be shot. He needs to be put away for a long time. I hope the mother never lets him near the baby again. Do not listen to any sweet talking this man does, he will not change, he will do it again, and it will NOT get better.


Trust me i won't


What a big,strong man. To abuse a tiny 8 week old infant. What a moron!


I'd like 5 minutes alone in a room with him and put some bruises and cuts on his face and head and see how he likes it. Have him tied to a chair helpless like the baby was helpless to fight against this idiot! I hope she doesn't take him back either. If she does then I think she should be charged with child endangerment too for putting the baby back into his reach.


Believe me i will not ever put her in his care again.


This POS should have never been able to bond out until an arraignment hearing to set a real bond that he deserves. I do not care about over crowding. Let the POS sleep on the concrete floor where he belongs. I hope that his wonderful value and nurturing parent(s) didn't bond this evil thing out.
I know one thing if this were my son I would definitely put a hurtin on him and disown him until I die.
I pray that this young lady does not go back with him. If she does any thing that happens to this innocent baby is also on her on her hands and charging her with felony child endangerment and loss of custody.
Wow, what a sick and demented person he is!!


That will never happen ! I wanna beat the crap out of him for hurting my baby.


Pass out some rubber hoses and I'm sure you won't need to lift a finger.


Speaking as the child's mother here I will inform you that she will NEVER everbe in his care again. I will never speak to this man in my entire life. He hurt my little girl my life and my angel. She means the world to me and this has hurt me in so very may ways that i blame myself for trusting the wrong man. She will forever and always be protected in my care till the day my heart stops beating.


I can't tell you how nice it is to hear a young woman in your situation NOT defend a ba$tard! Most make up excuses for their idiot boyfriends/baby daddys.


Because my daughter is my life even if this was an accident She still would never have been returned into his care again. I think it's every mothers worst nightmare to see her bruises upon their son or daughter and this hasn't been easy. I will Not make excuses for him because all it took was for him to walk away.


Nathan Wohlever of 5144 U.S. 250, Lot 116 posted bond on Friday and was released. I guess if anyone wants to do anything they won't have a hard time finding him.


Why did he even get a bond? this sick punk needs a good beat down anyone who harms a child should be put to death plain and simple.


Mckenna's mommy, thank you for commenting on here. You are a single mom, you have to be very vigilante, to keep your daughter safe, as you now know ,many men,[ not all by any means]will molest, beat, pinch ,scare you child when unattended by you, as you now know there isn't a man in this whole world worth more than your precious babe. Don't make the mistake [needy woman make all the time] of any man will do. wait, baby comes first, then in time the right man will be there . Be stronger than you have ever been in your life......


It would be best if the father was the the right man to begin with, but sometimes things just happen.

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AMEN to that Queenjhb


Well he had watched her previous times and when we hung out he was amazing with her. It's just unfortunate that he lost his temper and took anger out. You never know a person no matter if it's your husband wife anyone can change in a split second and that's what happened. I'm a single mom and need him to watch her for 45 min and with him always being around her and watching her before I trusted him. A girl has to work. But believe me she will only be in the hands of family from now on. Please don't think I purposely put her in danger. This girl is my entire life. This has been extremely hard on me. Seeing fear in my daughter's eyes I'll never forget it.


I think the comment MOST MEN is absurd the MAJORITY of us men would never ever think of harming a child. I dont think its fair to cast the majority of men as being like this scum!


Thank you. I personally do not know ONE man that has ever done this. To say you know many men sounds odd, but my husband retired out of the military, it is like a big family....never knew ONE that beat a child! Friends in our town that we hang out with, not ONE that beat a child. So to say that "most men" do grossly overstated, in my opinion.


You're right, and I've had to deal with it many times. I have 2 daughters in school, so I am a father who likes to volunteer at school every opportunity I get. Usually I'm the only guy and the rest are mothers. It doesn't matter what were volunteering for, I always feel like I'm being watched extra closely behind my back. I would imagine it's sort of how black people feel in stores like how people automatically make them out to be thieves because of their skin color.

Each year I do the required background check and get finger printed but it makes no difference. Fortunately I refuse to let it get to me, because I like being an active parent with my girls.

By knowing there are bad guys out there, it allows me to relate to how some women might feel.


speak the truth, the word is many , not most, the majority of men & women are decent, I really don't want this mother thinking that the next man is trustworthy, after all look at her track record so far. It becomes a cycle, I'm not going to tip-toe around this. 8-week old baby is at risk here, not men.


BOY YOU GOTA PURTY UMMMMM???????may i c yer buthole?


BOY YOU GOTA PURTY UMMMMM???????may i c yer buthole?


Well ain't nuthin purty about you


This person is a BULLY he who seeks children is a priest or well the equivalent


Speak_the_truth, I agree with you so much! It really makes me sad that people even have thoughts in their mind that "many men" are out to hurt children in sick and vile ways. Yes, there ARE PEOPLE, NOT just men, in this world that hurt children every day, but there are MANY more who care, love and protect children even more. I'm glad that it seems that this little girl is ok, and I do agree with others on the fact that this disgusting excuse of a human being needs to be behind bars, where he can't hurt another baby! I do not, however, like the fact that everyone is jumping on the baby's mother and assuming that just because this disgusting person beat her baby, that she would "make excuses for, stay with, or choose him over her child." She made that be known more than once, and personally, I don't think that she should have to keep explaining herself to others on here. If she would have known that this piece of crap was going to harm her baby girl in any way shape or form, I'm sure that she probably wouldn't have left her with him to begin with. Please don't assume that every single mother that has trouble finding a sitter just leaves her child with ANYONE! If this mother trusted this man, she must have had good reason to. I'm sure she wouldn't have left her baby in an unsafe situation to go to work at a local grocery store if she would have known this would happen. I also find the comment about the child's father to be in poor taste as well. You don't know this woman's story. How do you know the father is not serving over seas? How do you know the father has not passed away? You do not know, therefore, all the comments that assume that ALL single mothers belong in the same category are ridiculous really. McKennasMommy, I will say a little prayer for you and your little girl, for complete healing, not only for her, but also you, emotionally as well as in your heart. Love your little girl with all you have, they grow so fast!


Lmalley77 thank you for those kind words. And your absolutely Right about everything you have said.

Dr. Information

Sorry, I know my wife very well and no matter how mad she ever got, she would never have taken her frustration out on our children. I understand your frustration but it seems like you didn't know this person hardly at all.


And you can't make that judgement because you don't know our friendship.I don't care what anyone says you never really know a person no matter how ling you know them and I've known him for quite a while. So don't make judgement unless you know.