Police looking for pop thieves

Public's help sought in recent thefts.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Aug 1, 2014


Village police are asking the public to help in looking for suspects who broke into the soda machines outside the local grocery on two occasions.

Both thefts were caught on video surveillance, but police haven't had any luck catching the culprits yet.

More than $100 was reported stolen on each occasion from the 30 Main St. grocery store's Coke machines.

If anyone recognizes the suspects in the video, they are encouraged to contact police at (419)752-5701.

You can watch the surveillance videos below.




Where are the cops? You can see the police station from those pop machines. Shame on the police.

shovelhead's picture

There can't be but 15 or so of those 90's RS Camaro's around.

whats up hometown



I would have thought they'd be harder to get into than that. It almost look like they get a number off the lock and go back for a key.


locks are only good for keeping honest people honest..


Greenwich popo out chasing the speeders, no they got a camera for that, sleeping in their apartment is a more likely possibility. Cops that never stop impressing. Protect and sleep.


1st tape- No front tags, could this car be from another state? 2nd tape-Any finger prints on the top of the machine where the guy puts his hands when he goes to open it?


Committing crime on state route 224, really time for police to give back paychecks and leave the town in disgrace. Lets take bets I think sleeping in the cemetery or maybe the park. This would be of course after all advances are rejected by the new clerk at the gas station.


Just set out a 12 pack, I bet the fat one comes.


"$100 was reported stolen,"

Aren't the owners regularly emptying them?


Gee now wasant that a fun thing to do? Im sure someone will recognize their car. How about getting a REAL JOB .And I think that you need to do many MONTHS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE. Outstanding citizens arent they LOSERS


It's SODA.