Truckers kicking off with third shift

Norwalk High School football players to practice at 12:01 a.m.
Mike Greco
Jul 31, 2014


At one minute past midnight on Friday, the Norwalk Truckers are punching in for the first "Third Shift Practice" at Norwalk High School.

Be the first families, friends and fans to see their team in action this year. It's been a long nine months since our last game, and we can't wait one minute longer to hit the field and get ready for the 2014 season.

Bring your lawn chairs and some family-friendly beverages to help the Truckers hit the road in 2014.

The Third Shift Practice will include:

• Frank Staley on the grill

• "Thunder Dan" Molnar on the tunes

• Football Parents selling apparel and Game Jerseys

• The Norwalk Truckers on the field

Norwalk Concrete Industries and Smith Paving and Excavating are providing the team with lights for this year's Third Shift Practice.



Pretty cool! These are the kind of things that create a winning atmosphere. Keep it up Truckers!

Kobayashi Maru

It's great that those companies donated the lights, but who is going to pay the electricity bill? Why can't these teams stay within their budgets? Look at the five year forecast - was money set aside to run these lights this year?


The Norwalk Athletic Boosters does an excellent job of raising the necessary funds to more than cover the costs of these events. It's lots of hard work and generous donations that make these things possible. Not tax payer money or city money or non-budgeted money either.

Kobayashi Maru

Sarcasm - I was being Swiss Family.


Uhhhh, when have you ever seen construction lights plugged in?????? Construction lights work off of portable power plants (gas or diesel generators or off other equipment). These "glass half empty" folks just people just love to cast doom and gloom over any positive movements in this city! On the tax angle, Norwalk, the "capitol of highway contractors" collectively pay the lion share of corporate taxes in this town and if they had a problem with so called mismanagement of tax funds, they would be the LAST to step up and donate equipment and cost (fuel and equipment wear and tear).


Gotcha! I did not see reply.


Hopefully this is just a one time deal? If not, people's lack of willingness to gain knowledge never ceases to amaze me. Did no one research this before making the decision to have these practices? I wrote a research paper on this dying trend and can tell you, it's not a good idea. Without rewriting the paper I'll give you some reasons why.

There is a reason why the sun goes down. It's because we're suppose to go to sleep and give our bodies rest. We all have a natural clock inside of us called the Circadian clock. The circadian clock is basically a daily timer inside of all of us, that lets different glands know when to release hormones and also controls mood, alertness, body temperature and other aspects of the body’s daily cycle. Basically our bodies have peak times when activities are more accepted and drum roll, its during the day.

I know the argument but its cooler at night so the boys won't be facing as much fatigue. That's not entirely true. Water can replenish electrolytes during the day that will combat fatigue and dehydration. Routine breaks in cool, shaded areas will work to combat fatigue during the day but at night its different. Working against a person’s natural sleep cycle causes sleep disorders, as well as fatigue. Fatigue that water, shade and coolness won't help. Fatigue, in turn, worsens moods, decreases cognitive abilities and reflexes, and makes people more vulnerable to disease. That resulting crankiness and warped perspective can interfere with one’s ability to make sound decisions and manage people effectively, and can increase the frequency of negative encounters. Performing activities at night and fatigue may also contribute to the risk of heart disease and cancer. The boys also start running the risk of getting metabolic syndrome. Which is a combination of symptoms that contribute to poor heart health and diabetes, including large waist circumference, elevated triglyceride levels, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high levels of glucose when not eating. Also when you remove the sun, you remove natural vitamins that help promote happiness. Causing a higher risk of the boys getting Seasonal affective disorder or seasonal depression. Seasonal depression already happens naturally to a lot of people in the winter, due to a lack of exposure to sunlight.

And after the practice, along with the shock to the natural flow of our bodies, these kids are going to get behind the wheel of a car and drive home? Another bad idea.

It comes down to one simple question; is high school football really worth this? The answer is no. Practice during the day, take routine breaks and don't cause a ton of possible unnecessary problems for high school kids by having them practice at night.

Sorry I had to be the guy that rained on the parade but my realistic and worrisome side wouldn't let me just scroll on by without throwing this information out there.


Its one day for gods sake. I think all will be ok.


That needed to be in the article. When I read, "At one minute past midnight on Friday, the Norwalk Truckers are punching in for the FIRST "Third Shift Practice" at Norwalk High School." I read the word "first" , thinking that there would be a second. I guess they meant first annual? I can only work with what is given to me. Either way a good dose of information if they were thinking about making this a week long or two week long thing.


...some people have night awareness and do better during the time when it isn't daylight. I am one of them. You don't know everything.


Jake, haven't you stayed up on New Years Eve ? Next year I want you in bed by 10pm. I am being a Swiss also !


One time deal to generate a little excitement for the boys and program. And now they're off until Saturday morning. Event was well attended.