Police investigating theft at Panda Buffet

$8,000 in cash and a diamond ring among items in purse stolen at Norwalk restaurant
Scott Seitz2
Jul 30, 2014


Norwalk police are investigating the theft of a diamond ring and several thousand dollars from a Milan Avenue restaurant.

The alleged theft took place at 7:11 p.m. July 8 at the Panda Buffet, 187 Milan Ave.

Police Chief Dave Light said an employee went to retrieve her purse because the cash register was low on $1 bills when she noticed her purse was missing.

Several employees were questioned about the whereabouts of purse.

"An employee said an elderly female and two males were at the restaurant and asked about setting up a birthday party for 18 to 20 people," Light said.

"She (the employee) took the elderly female back to the area where they could have the party," Light added. "While she was in the back, the two males stood up front and waited.

"The female said the area for the party would be OK, but she needed to leave to get a birthday cake," the chief said. "They all left and never came back."

Missing is a white Michael Kors purse.

"Inside the purse was a diamond ring with a silver band valued at $3,000," Light said. "There was also $8,000 in cash, along with credit cards, ID and a passport taken."

Light said officers are reviewing video tapes from neighboring businesses to help the investigation.

"We're trying to get a license-plate number or the people," the chief said.


Good 2 B Me

Sounds slightly odd to me. What is a Employee in a buffet doing carrying $8K around with her? I may be wrong, but this might turn out to be quite interesting.


Who carries that much money around with them in their purse?? Plus how is an employee of a Chinese restaurant able to afford a Michael Kors purse and a $3,000.00 diamond ring? Sounds to me like someone is pulling an insurance scam. Saying all these things were stolen and turning it into the restaurant's insurance.


if you were a Young China national it would be very normal to have saved everything you have ever made and keep it in cash,dumb yes but I understand how this could happen.
forget the insurance scam Sherlock

Cliff Cannon

earlduck : Very good point. Now please check this out. I am a former over the road truck driver. Chinese buffets were always favorite stops. In the vast majority of restaurants a buffet dinner was not rung up.

The cashier will ask for the dinner price plus tax. Then hit 0 on the register and give you your change. Meaning of course, they keep your tax money.Your dinner money is tax free to them and then they can show losses on food costs.

The solution is to pay with your credit card. So they have to ring up your purchase. Which means the bottom line here is your original point is in my view very accurate.

David Deerest.

Chances are, if you're walkin' around with 8 grand in your "white Michael Kors purse" and sportin' a ring worth 3K, you don't need a job at Panda Buffet. Here's your sign.


There is more money than you think floating around in Chinese and Mexican joints. Most workers are new to area, do not believe in American banks, do not wish for paper trails (IRS), family owned n operated comes double books, so yes, like prior post, i could see an "employee" carrying around that cash.


Also, goes to show this lady (victim) knows how to save money, purchases quality items and doesn't do drugs...
Something the majority of Americans and there "junk""gotta have" feel good shopping and "burn a hole in there pocket" savings plan. Then of course...the partying!!!!
If you have a savings, most demonize you..AMAZING


Whatever dope fiends ran this nifty little job got extremely lucky. Too bad for them the NPD has a booking photo log of anyone doing the junk. I guarantee someone gets ID'd here.


I bet she hides her Michael Kors next time.

shovelhead's picture

The article says she was going to get "ones" for the register. She is probably an owner & not just an employee. simple.


Confucius say: He who drop watch in toilet keep $hitty time.


And he / she who go to bed with itchy butt wake up with stinky fingers !