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Woman leaves before hearing begins
Scott Seitz2
Jul 23, 2014


An arrest warrant has been issued for a Willard woman who showed up to be sentenced in the Huron County Common Pleas Court Wednesday, but then left before her hearing began.

Rebecca Hale, 24, of 112 Dale St., was released on a personal signature bond last month awaiting further court proceedings in a burglary case.

Hale showed up early Wednesday morning to court and spoke to her attorney Reese Wineman who told her Judge James Conway intended to put her in jail because she was being uncooperative with the pre-sentence investigation. In fact, Hale didn't show up so that the probation department could conduct the pre-sentence investigation.

Hale was accompanied by her mother and told Wineman that she had to go call her father after she got the news. But, she never came back.

"I can't explain what happened," Wineman told Conway standing at the podium without his client.

"Ms. Hale has apparently decided she doesn't wish to join us this morning," Conway responded.

On request of Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper, an arrest warrant was signed by the judge for Hale to be picked up as soon as she can be located.

Hale entered a guilty plea to an amended count of burglary last month and was scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday.

But since the pre-sentence investigation hadn't been completed, Conway wanted to hold her in jail and postpone the sentencing until the report was filed with his office.

Hale was charged along with co-defendant Joseph Blackburn, 28, of Monroeville for a Sept. 7 incident where the two entered a Willard apartment and stole a 32-inch flat screen television.

Hale was "complicit essentially in the burglary," Kasper said during an earlier court hearing, according to a previously published story in the Reflector. "She knew the TV was there."

Kasper also said at the time that the pair went to Sandusky to sell the television and traded it for drugs.

Hale ended up being released on a signature bond because Hale requires "ongoing care" for a liver problem, according to the story.

Hale is prohibited from entering the victim's premises and faces nine months to three years in prison.


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lololol...NO freaking way...but she is such a honest,upstanding citizen....I cant believe she ran...better check Willard..her
whole family is there..just give her another chance...she will show...she promises...lolol..what a joke!


Liver problems.... Hmmm. Hepetitis from dirty needles.... Heroin will kill you whether you overdose or not...'


she had a calendar shoot and she couldn't be late. the competition is fierce. miss a photo shoot & another cbcf princess will take your place. sounds to me like her priorities are in order..


Just out of idle curiosity, is this a relative of the woman in the baseball bat "incident"?


If they aren't related it's a damn miracle... You can't open a paper without that name being in it for some crime or another


Oh man.... I was kind of hoping it wasn't.... I don't know why, but I was. Naive as it may sound.....

me in ohio

lol....you should read her facebook post, she gave herself court dates , and said her final sentencing is in September 11th , wow if she didn't go how did she get all those dates ? did she make them up in her own head ? it must be the drugs making her think she was there , lol, something has burnt her brain up ,,,just saying something is wrong some where !!!

blah blah blah_14

I read that too me in ohio!! So hilarious. I love how she posted got my psi moved to the 31st and my sentencing moved all the way up to Sept. 11th. But the article above plainly states that her attorney informed her that because she refused to cooperate with the psi she was facing some jail time. Earlier that day she posted this on her FB page so we know why she fled the courts........ So got to be to court @ 8:45!!!! So nervous hopefully my dumb a$$ lawyer can get a continence <<<< (sure she meant continuance) till the 31st so I can see my bro chad he comes home in 3 days!!! She gave herself that continuance by becoming a fugitive of the law just so she can see her bro chad. Don't know why the police don't know to use Facebook to locate such idiots? I'm sure she is walking around her hometown of Willard enjoying the freedom to spend time with her bro chad.

Dr. Information

Liars will be liars, thieves will be thieves and Hales will be Hales.