Norwalk heroin dealer gets 8-month prison term

Defendant: Pair of Norwalk police officers "are drug dealers too."
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jul 21, 2014


A 30-year-old Norwalk resident was sentenced to eight months in prison Monday for selling heroin.

Sean Goble's charge was lessened to a felony of the fifth degree during Monday's hearing in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

On Jan 16, 2013 as part of a Norwalk Police investigation, a confidential informant was given $25 to purchase heroin from Goble at an apartment on 26 Spring St., Assistant Huron County Prosecutor Dina Shenker said.

Goble admitted to the "hand-to-hand transaction" of a 0.03 gram packet of powder heroin in exchange for the buy money.

Because Goble has had no previous felonies, and it's his first trafficking-related case, the state didn't fight the eight-month sentence, Shenker said.

"It would also be his first trip to prison," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said.

The judge could have imposed a six- to 12-month prison sentence.

Longo asked the court not to impose the $2,500 fine because Goble's been incarcerated since May and has no feasible way to make money since he will be in jail for the foreseeable future.

Judge James Conway excused the fine but ordered Goble to pay restitution for $40 for laboratory testing. A mandatory driving suspension will be invoked following Goble's release from prison.

A post-sentence investigation was ordered by Conway, during which details of the pending cases in the surrounding counties will be looked at.

"I want to say that (Norwalk police officers) Seth Fry and (Jim) Fulton are drug dealers, too. They're paying for people's habits too. They gave my confidential informant $100 to bust me and what do you think she spent the money on?" said Goble following the hearing.

"I don't understand how they can pay people (for drug information) because what if Seth Fry gives them the money and they go and overdose and die? Would (the police) be charged with something? Would they be charged with murder? I always wondered that," Goble said.

"It doesn't matter if the confidential information can wear a wire on Joe Schmoe but says it's Tom Dick and Tom Dick gets busted but Joe Schmoe doesn't. Does that makes sense? To me it doesn't. None of it makes sense to me. But Seth Fry and Jim Fulton are doing a good job with their confidential informants. They got Norwalk locked down with snitches," Goble said.



"I want to say that (Norwalk police officers) Seth Fry and (Jim) Fulton are drug dealers, too. They're paying for people's habits too. They gave my confidential informant $100 to bust me and what do you think she spent the money on?" said Goble following the hearing


It sucks when the dopers start making sense way to go Fry and Fulton. Give money to one doper so they can get some drugs while you bust a different one for the same thing. There has to be a better way.


They use users, knowingly.


Have thought same thing for years..
Buy from who the cop says too
but "who are the informants buying there drugs from???"
Now that someone questioned it publicly i look forward to the feedback.


i feel the same way he does .how can they do this ?they r just helping junkies get their dope and still not getting the dope off the streets.and what if the junkie dies what would happen then.or when they r down to just a few the junkie is not going to turn on the last one that they can get the dope from .so the start stealing from anyone they can.they should at least make sure the ci is clean but it is norwalk and fry and fulton would have to to their jobs and get off the phone and push their chair back away from that desk .


Adfiction is a disease ,not a crime .

Whiskey Tango F...

So is stupidity then... Turn loose all the bank robbers, thieves, and car jackers. They couldn't help it! Heroin, caffeine, cigarettes, cocaine, prescription pain meds, are all addicting drugs that people CHOOSE to abuse and put in their bodies. My tax dollars are then spent to buy drugs and catch these junkies only to allow the judge to slap them on the wrist and tun them loose. CHAIN GANGS, NO A/C, and MISERY is what should be in that prison.


That would include all forms of drug abuse ,and what about drinking and driving ,then they deserve to be there too .treatment is the only way to get these offenders back on track .

Whiskey Tango F...

Double post


no it's not, dgonz.


I have studied the causes of addiction and how they begin in your genetic makeup ,certain people are preconditioned to abuse drugs and alcohal .


We are all "preconditioned" for obese??? but some chose to back off certain foods and exercise. others' buffet ever night.
They say gambling is a disease... but the only one's i hear crying "disease" are the one's who lost!
Drugs, same oh' boo hoo.


I'm not disagreeing with you. I just wanted to point out that humans are born addicted to salt and sugar because we need both to survive. There is no preconditioned obesity trait. Instead many people need to learn 2 things. 1,moderation and 2, exercise


I was just going with the word used prior.


Addiction is a disease read about it ,addicts sell to support their habit ,it's a fact .The prisons are full of drug offenders .


Addiction is not a disease. It's more like a SELF inflicted gun shot wound.


That should make it into a book of quotes!
Good take on the issue.

Dr. Information

What do you people expect the police to do? Knock on doors and ask for any drugs and get the truth. When it comes to drugs, police have to think like a user and dealer to bust people.


Not all the time. I do recall this exact scenario taking place not long ago. Lmao


Worked at that Bouscey Ave apartment!!


This sentence was a joke. I mean look at this guy smiling in the picture. Suspend the fine. How about just suspend it till he gets out and maybe gets a job or have him work it off. I see trash and crap laying all over the side of the roads, grass needs cut, etc.. Probably didn't have a job other than selling this crap to people in the first place. Typical remarks by blaming everyone but himself.


ok this guy makes me sick,and going to prison and smiling,he wouldn't be smiling if he faced real punishment.
more often these days criminals have smiles, that tells me they don't fear prison and somehow they think they are cool,weird I know!


lol earl I was just getting ready to say the same thing! He sure looks happy with all the attention he's getting! lol what a fool.


My question is, if they got busted and told who the dealer was, and was looking at prison time and either the sentences was reduced or they could get probation from it, why can't the above mentioned be the incentive to nark and not money? as stated a junkie paid is a junkie buying.And if you have any junkies in your family and they have children you happen to buy clothes or toys for make sure you never give them the recipe or leave the tags on the clothes or toys, they will return them to the store for money to go buy drugs


Sad but true. I don't have a family member like that but guys I grew up with that I knew or thought I knew ended up like that. So glad I have a mind of my own and know how to use it. Junkies make me sick. And for those who say they aren't criminals they are addicts... The choice to use in the first place makes them a criminal because it IS an illegal drug! DUH


Correct me if I'm wrong but the point of a confidential informant is to get information & evidence. Yes, they receive money to buy said drugs but those drugs & the money are returned to the police department for evidence, right? I thought that's how it worked.

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I thought that's how it worked too. They mark the bills and that's how the dope dealers get caught.


The "buy" is set up. That is turned in as evidence. The informant is paid for doing a job. Just like you get paid for your job. So they get 50$ for buying drugs, they buy drugs, and they get $100 for doing the job. At the end of the job....they turn the $50 and the drugs in....get to keep the $100 for doing a nights work. They are "paid informants".


Aaaaand that's just ridiculous lol! I guess I didn't realize they got "paid" to do it. I just thought they got lesser charges and/or charges dropped for previous crimes for helping out. Amazing.


I think that is the whole meaning of "paid informant" There may be the lure of dropped charges and other incentives. But I also believe there are cash incentives. They may use informants that are not druggies.