LeBron trumps Republicans, but it's all good news

Joe Centers' column discusses impact of LeBron, GOP convention.
Joe Centers
Jul 16, 2014


What have you done for me lately?

That's probably how the Republicans in Cleveland felt last week. Just one week ago today, the Republican National Committee's Site Selection Committee announced Cleveland will be its recommendation to host the 2016 Republican National Convention, beating out Dallas. The RNC and Cleveland will now enter into exclusive negotiations on key details for the 2016 convention. The site selection committee's recommendation will be presented to the full Republican National Committee when it meets in Chicago in early August.

What great news for Cleveland and the surrounding area. This is just the economic kick the region needed. How can it get any better than this?

How about LeBron James announcing Friday he is coming back to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

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Cliff Cannon

As usual, very good essay Joseph. As you've written before, our area is on quite a roll. Here's hoping we keep it going .

swiss family

OH GOOD.. you go the Official CCBKA.... Cliff Cannon Butt Kissing Award....

Cliff Cannon

s.f. : You, as always, get my pity.

P.S. Please check your spelling. You wrote " You ' go ' the Official..... " Obviously, the word is " got " as well as " official " shouldn't be capitalized. Don't feel bad, it is hard to hate and attempt to think at the same time for anyone.


Cliff, I really think swiss might be smitten with you, but unfortunately doesn't know how to express himself. Could be because of some traumatic thing in his past? Who knows. I would stay on the side of caution Cliff, Dale seems to have a loose screw in his brain housing group.

Cliff Cannon

@freespeech1 : I thank you for your wise timely advice as well as totally agree with your wisdom here. ( and of course, see him vividly proving your point in other articles. )

Thanks again. Great day to you !

hit the road jack

Dale who?

shovelhead's picture

The only article I have read that has the author's name mentioned as much as the main characters of the story.


Shovel: Amazing what passes for 'normal' in ReflectorWorld, isn't it?