District time top priority for Boose

Republican incumbent state representative facing challenge from Democratic challenger Matt Lark in November election.
Scott Seitz2
Jul 29, 2014


These summer months are critical to state Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township).

During this time, Boose said he is remaining in the district among his constituents, as the House of Representatives is not in session.

"I'll be going to as many meetings as possible and talking to the people of the district about the issues," Boose told the Reflector when discussing his plans for his time in the district. "The time in the district is really important because that is when you talk to people who gives you ideas for legislation and possible changes. It's also a time where you can find out the issues where maybe you can help people."

Boose is running against Democratic challenger Matt Lark of Collins in the November general election. A related story was published recently in the Norwalk Reflector. So you don't miss stories such as this one, you can subscribe to the Norwalk Reflector to receive home delivery and/or the e-paper, which is a complete digital replica of each issue. For more information, call (419) 668-3771 or click HERE.





I am sorry to all who feel i am a trader(fellow right-wingers), but something inside me likes this guy, I liked him back a few years ago but was unsure..still reluctant. Although a teacher.... i only sense a partial teacher mentality that teachers are somehow a higher quality person based sole'y on the fact that they teach the youth....i had the opportunity to get to some heart issues like "social justice" and "equality for all" and he seems to get it. NOT like many other democrats.
May have been fooled but just something about him... Boose must go.


Very hard for me to believe anything Boose says after his SB5 "town hall" meeting he had. I don't mind that he was pro-SB5 it's just the fact that he tried to make it seem that he was open for discussion leading up to the meeting and then, from his opening statements, it was more than obvious how he was voting. He wasted my time once and I'll have a very hard time ever trusting him again.


Will never understand how people in an economically depressed, blue-collar town can continually support an anti-union, anti-worker candidate. Huron County is among the highest unemployment rates in the state and you people keep electing this guy and his inherited wealth.


Mr. Boose has done an outstanding job in his district and will have my vote. Lark is a teacher with zero experience and zero background. Stick with teaching, and leave the politics to those who know how to get the job done. And let's move past the SB5 issue. That issue had little to no effect on the general public.


I'm past the SB5 issue. I wasn't talking about SB5 just the tactics Boose used to try to make it seem like he was open for his constituents input on the issue and, like I said, it was clear from the start that he had his mind made up on the issue. And yes, you are right, Boose is a politician.

swiss family

I really have to start to call FOUL.. on this.. it seems as though I can NOT pick up my paper withOUT Mr Boose
s picture in it, saying he had an idea... not that he actually did anything, mind you, but that he did something.. like spent his half year vacation time, mingling with us "peons" to hear what we think.. like that is some big deal for him to walk among the "lower lifes"... I think that from now on, every time you put up a picture of Mr Boose, you also have to put up a picture of Mr Lark.. just to be fair... because it is becoming very obvious that Mr Boose is using the newspaper as a political tool, so if that is so, than Mr Lark should be represented as well for doing "nothing" just like Mr Boose is doing too.

I also want to remind people like "bleushell" that when Mr Boose first campaigned , he did so on the facts that he was NOT a politician, but that he was "one of us" and "had no experience, just a fire for the need for change and justice'..the things right now that you are saying should disqualify Mr Lark.. I totally disagree.. I am not sure who I will vote for as of now, but watching what I consider to be "dirty tricks" on Mr Booses part with the help of the Reflector, makes me distrust him and makes me root for the underdog, which would be Mr Lark...and quite honestly I am disappointed in Mr Boose.. I think I have watched him transform from one of "US" into one of "THEM" without even looking back


Re: "Matt Lark,"

No need for yet ANOTHER public ee. potentially becoming a big tax, borrow and spend career politician.


This guy will tell you what you want to hear! like the rest.time to go!!!Terry