Suspects hit the wall

More details released in would-be break-in at Norwalk's Discount Drug Mart
Scott Seitz2
Jul 13, 2014


Suspects tried nearly everything to break into Discount Drug Mart on Wednesday.

Ken Woolever, operations manager for Certified Developers, assessed the damage Friday.

Certified Developers is a Youngstown company which owns the complex, Woolever said.

Police dispatchers received the report of an alarm activation from the business at 201 Cline St. at 12:50 a.m. Four officers responded to the alarm drop.

"I'm installing two new locks on the back of the restaurant and making other repairs," Woolever said.

Woolever said the suspects couldn't break down one door at the back of the soon-to-be-open Los Buenos Amigos next door to Discount Drug Mart, so they tried a second door and were successful in getting inside the restaurant.

"They kicked in some drywall to try to get to Drug Mart, but couldn't get in," he said. "They also tried to go up through the attic, but didn't make it."

Woolever said concrete walls prevented the suspects from entering Drug Mart through the restaurant.

"They must have had a sledgehammer because it looks like they tried to bust the drive-through window," he said.

It cost about $350 to replace the locks on the back doors of the restaurant, Woolever said.



I can't say I blame the criminals, I mean Discount Drug Mart saves you the run around and has everything you need.

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