At least they're purchasing more panties

Victoria's Secret reports sales increase.
TNS Regional News
Jul 10, 2014


Columbus-based L Brands — the corporate owner of Victoria’s Secret, which operates a call center in Kettering, Ohio — reported this morning that its net sales rose 7 percent to $1.2 billion for the five weeks that ended July 5.

Same-store sales increased 2 percent over the same period, and also increased 2 percent over a 22-week period ending July 5.

L Brands officials said the company’s Victoria’s Secret same-store sales rose 3 percent, buoyed by strong performance of lingerie and Pink clothing lines.

The Victoria’s Secret Direct customer-service center on Bigger Road in south Kettering employs about 900, according to city of Kettering officials.


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So why is this article newsworthy?


To borrow a phrase from Bill Clinton's crew, IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID.
That's my take on this article, anyway. An Ohio-based company that does sales in the billions means more tax dollars, more services for us, and so forth. I for one am glad to read positive stories about economic development and businesses making profits.

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swiss cheese kat

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Mikey must be maxing out his credit cards to purchase lingerie for the women in his CBCF calendar! LOL


no, it's the girls trying to look good in hopes of getting a photo shoot. it's good to know that my plan is helping to stimulate the economy, among other things! gigity!


Panties are not the worlds greatest thing but close to it.


I just like the word "panties". Sounds so dirty....


I expected swiss family on this one


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