Huron County team participates in statewide opiate addiction symposium

Judge Conway organized local group.
Aaron Krause
Jul 11, 2014


Huron County was among 83 Ohio counties represented at the Ohio Judicial Symposium on Opiate Addiction.

Local judicial, law enforcement and treatment services representatives traveled to Columbus recently to learn about promising judicial practices and options for opiate addiction treatment, including medication-assisted treatment.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge James Conway organized the 10-member team from Huron County.

"Our team was pleased that the rest of the state is recognizing the severity of the heroin problem that has been a priority issue here in Huron County over the last decade," Conway said. "Hopefully the focus on opiate addiction will result in new and better means of dealing with offenders in the community, especially in light of the changes in the laws regarding trafficking in heroin which now prevent the imposition of prison sentences for many offenders."

The Huron County team discussed challenges for addressing opiate addiction, as well as potential solutions. Team members also continued to develop an action plan to ensure that offenders receive appropriate judicial clinical interventions and services.

Team members included: Conway, Nate Perani, Huron County Juvenile Court Service Coordinator/Intervention Court Coordinator, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper, Huron County Public Defender David Longo, attorney James Joel Sitterly, Jean King, director of the Huron County ADAMHS board, Huron County Commissioner Thomas Dunlap, Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light, Willard Police Chief Mark Holden and Wendy Parsons, intervention specialist at Firelands Counseling Service.

Conway said the group was limited to 10 members and that many other individuals and local officials expressed a desire to continue their contributions to the effort to reduce illegal opiate use in the county.



Who would know addiction better than the judge who has sentenced the most to CBCF and double-secret-intense probation?


the judge is a staunch supporter of the "girls of cbcf" calendar cause. so much so that he organized a symposium! the double secret intense probation is a code name for a "girls of cbcf gone wild" type thing we're working on. it was supposed to be a secret but i guess the word is on the street..

Your neighbor

Someone from Job and family should also join in.


More money for our taxes to be spent on these losers.

J Cooper

Conway, another feel good liberal that refuses to address the problem in his courtroom by sentencing DEALERS to prison.

swiss family

wow I have not seen Judge Conway in some time.. is it just me?? or is he starting to resemble Dick Cheney a little???


Swiss why are you so mean to Dick Chaney ? What did he ever do to you ?


Glad to see that Conway and others addressing this epidemic for all of you who judge I'm sure you have faults of your own so if you are perfect do yourself a favor, end it all and see how you are judged! True that you can't fix stupid!!!


What a coward making excuses for people who commit felonies on a daily basis. Send them to prison. I will gladly pay tax money for them to go to prison. I will not vote for Conway and pay taxes if these losers are going to cbcf where there is easier access to drugs than on the street and it also has an almost 0% success rate. Oh yeah how about the rash of stolen cars in Willard. I bet those junkies stealing cars are CBCF graduates.