Lyons doesn't get Michigan job

He will remain Monroeville's police chief
Aaron Krause
Jul 11, 2014


Gary Lyons will remain this village's police chief.

He learned recently he didn't get the Battle Creek, Mich. police chief job for which he applied. Lyons was one of three finalists to head the 110-officer department.

The 62-year-old has said he's enjoyed his 3 1/2 years in Monroeville, but wanted to see if he'd qualify for a bigger department "before I got too much older. Battle Creek seemed to be a nice fit."

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hit the road jack

Now Bond is going to be mad as a hornet!


Car 54, Car 54, where are you? There's a hold up in Bronx.....

hit the road jack

He's probably trying to figure out how to take the job away anyway or else he's at the big FBI training so he can retire in two years from the MPD.


a 62 yr.old village police chief becomes police chief of a fairly large city,didn't seem realistic


Thats what I thought. Why would Battle Creek hire him, knowing he wanted to retire soon. They would need to start the process over again soon.