Norwalk officials continue celebrating landing of Borgers

New $60 million facility will stand on 27 acres and create 230 jobs.
Aaron Krause
Jul 8, 2014


Norwalk competed against 60 other communities for the right to land Borgers USA Corp.'s newest manufacturing facility, Mayor Rob Duncan told council during its recent meeting.

Duncan said if city officials were keeping city council in the dark about certain developments, it's because word leaking out about Norwalk being in the running could've jeopardized the Maple City's changes of landing Borgers.

Duncan lauded Norwalk Economic Development Corp. executive director Ellen Heinz for her hard work in luring Borgers. She put in many hours during days, nights and her vacation time to make sure a Norwalk location became a reality, Duncan said.

"What a bright and shining moment for the city of Norwalk," Heinz said. "Thank you so much, city council for your support."

Borgers' new $60 million facility will stand on 27 acres in Norwalk's Firelands Industrial Park. The project will create 230 jobs.

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swiss family

OH come on Kat... here was a Purr fectly ideal time for you to point out that it was another great opportunity for a "photo opp" like you constantly dogged the past mayor for whenever she did her job!!!


ok the mayor gets the blame for every job that didn't come to town and Ellen Heinz gets credit for one that does,seemms to be some holes in keeping score this way.
not to mention the second in command at police dept watches where he parks but doesn't care where anybody else parks.
maybe wrong religion

swiss family

"not to mention the second in command at police dept watches where he parks but doesn't care where anybody else parks.
maybe wrong religion"................I hate it when someone puts up a secretly coded message that is so difficult to figure out , what they are talking about???????


How many victory laps does the Mayor's office need in response to helping to fulfill a campaign promise?

modern concrete

Glad that Norwalk landed 230 jobs. But they need to build another building? What can't we find someone to occupy the ten vacant builds in town? Let's see there is Mayflower, Three IPC buildings,Epic, Jamieville and even Kmart.


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swiss family

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Kottage Kat

Dan-Mar of Huron has purchased Epic.
More jobs coming?


Good job, now bring some more jobs to Norwalk.


rambling nonsense swiss

swiss family

Mr Duck.. I am pretty sure that you told me that "nobody" reads my blogs... you must be a "NOBODY" then???????lololol


Don't be so hostile Dale