15 people show interest in being Norwalk's next school superintendent

Who will succeed Dennis Doughty?
Cary Ashby
Jun 26, 2014


The deadline to submit applications to be the next Norwalk City Schools superintendent is drawing near.

Superintendent Dennis Doughty, who has served in multiple positions in several local school systems, is retiring July 31 after 38 years in education. However, he has been named the president of Norwalk Catholic School effective Aug. 1.

The Norwalk school district has hired North Point to oversee the application process for the next superintendent.

"The search post closes this Friday. They have to have (their application) post-marked by the end of the 27th," said Doug Crooks, superintendent of North Point Educational Service Center. "There has been interest by 15 individuals so far. ... We've had 15 inquiries so far as requests for information, applications, etc."

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swiss family

Please... why even go through all the motions.. we all know it will be Mrs. Goodsite... all of this is just for show, going through the motions.... we all know that even though she is retirede, she will get the job, case closed..

Kobayashi Maru

Kirk Pavelich or David Stubblebine

swiss family

we would be very lucky to get David Stubblebine.. He is the reason that the Monroeville school system was able to pull themselves together... we would not be able to afford the salary that he deserves though


just keep it in the family


how much does he deserve swiss,so far I haven't seen anyubody underpaid in that field