Ridiculous, bold 'The Producers' presented with flair by Huron Playhouse

Read a review by the Reflector's Aaron Krause.
Aaron Krause
Jun 26, 2014


By the time this review is complete, a new genre of musical theater will exist, created by yours truly.

I'm calling it the unabashedly shameless, unapologetically stereotyping, insulting, widely entertaining feast for the eyes and delight for all senses bold musical comedy.

It's a longer title than the first name of the Swedish beauty in "The Producers" -- the daring, fully entertaining, big, bright splash of a musical that opens the 2014 Huron Playhouse season.

This madly comical show, being given an impressive, energetic, playful production, will either leave you lightheaded from laughter or, if you're the overly sensitive, grinch type, walking away with righteous indignation.

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swiss family

well it seems that no one is going to comment on this subject.. so before they take it down, I want to say that I am appalled at the way that City council treats some of the people that go to speak in front of them. They had no right to talk to Mr Obrenovich the way they did, they belittled him and talked down to him, especially, according to the newspaper report, because I was not there and only read the report in the newspaper, Mr Carelton, seemed to be berating and insulting to Mr Obrenovich... I was there when the entire council talked about people moving their cars around in city lots so they would not get a parking ticket, and was appalled that they were using words like "how can we "TRAP" them .. and "how can we "EMBARRASS them" and "would it be legal to put their names in the paper to "SHAME" them... how about going and working with them to see if you can find a solution to the problem by working together on a common problem.

According to Ms Wert and Mr Carelton the sign does not fit with the theme??? according to whom?? by looking at the picture in the paper.. I like the sign and would like to see it in the park..and for Mr Carelton to say such demeaning things like.. "we have a lot of problems, and that sign is not one that is even near the top" well Mr Carelton.. maybe not to you.. so then why not give Mr Obrenovich his $600 back???that might take it off of his importance list somewhat...and if you are worried that someone has to take care of the sign, than you do not know Mr Obrenovich at all..

Yes I am seeing pretty clearly what and who actually works on city council.. I know my council person will not help me with any of my problems, oh she will come out and listen , and agree with what I say, but when I bring it up at council meeting and think she might have my back and help me with my argument, she seems to be busy looking through her paperwork.....thank you... for nothing..but at least she is not belittling or berating citizens as I am seeing other council people doing... that should not be tolerated, and it should be called out, except I think the guy in charge is the one doing it, the same one who was caught sending racist jokes, and didn't see anything wrong with that either.. so he is a racist and a bully... and I guess that is alright,??? the fastest I saw them move on anything was when a FIREMAN who owned some property went to the meeting and said he wanted his parking lot paved by the city, and there was a short debate about if it was a parking lot for all of his apartments or am actual street,.. and somehow, and I am sure being a fireman had nothing to do with it, but right then and there on his first time there , they decided to pave whatever he wanted... but people like Mr Obrenovich who has done so much for the Uptown, and obviously has made an enemy or two and possibly with the racist, bully, and so he is taunted and criticized and denied...like all good things around her, like the airport, which immediately comes to mind as another good example..anyway I know I am off topic, I apologize for that I think we need to keep an eye on City council, something has gone terribly wrong somewhere, there seems to be one , or two, or possibly more bad apples in the barrel, and they need to either change and work for the people, or get booted out... of course this is all my own personal opinion...


What does your comment have to do with the Huron Playhouse? I fail to see a connection.

swiss family

OH WINDY.....all you had to do was read my opening line where I said that it looks like no one has any comments on this story, so before they take it down i want to go off topic.... did you see that.. you should have stopped right there..but for some reason you kept on reading knowing that it was going to be of topic..so there is nothing wrong with me.. the problem is obviously with you...but I would ask you to please save your comment for the many many times when Cliff Cannon and Contango wander way off topic and when I say way.. I mean WAYYYYYYY off topic.. and I would hope that you throw out the "foul flag" at that time...although, I know that you won't..


@swiss, although we disagree on most everything, this time I agree. Council has been this way for a long time and it isn't gonna change anytime soon. I used to go to every meeting but the BS became too much. Its typical of most politicians, its all about them and the cronies surrounding them, representative government is a myth.

Fibber Mcgee

I'm sure swiss ment for this to go in another article, it's still reads well. I'm just not sure what article, I don't see one where this could be related to.