Ohio congressman staffer quits after porn star ex tweets picture of his penis

U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers' senior aide is single and reportedly made $130,000 a year.
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Jun 25, 2014


A senior aide to U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers resigned yesterday just before Politico.com reported that a former porn actress he dated had tweeted a photo of his penis to the Upper Arlington congressman’s Twitter account.

Adam Kuhn, chief of staff to the GOP congressman for the past two years, acknowledged that he “ was the victim of an attack on Twitter from a woman I had a relationship with in my personal life,” in a statement to Politico.com and its newspaper that covers Congress and Capitol Hill.

“I realize and apologize (that) I had used poor judgment in my personal life regarding this relationship,” Kuhn said in the statement. “The woman who posted this has reached out to me to apologize.”

Courtney Whetstone, a Stivers spokeswoman, said that Stivers “accepted Adam Kuhn’s resignation today. The office is not commenting on his personal life,” although she did say Kuhn resigned before Stivers’ office had been contacted by the news media.

According to Politico, Kuhn, who is single and reportedly made $130,000 a year, dated Jennifer Roubenes Allbaugh, who calls herself Ruby, according to her Facebook page. She reportedly has made more than 200 porn films and is from northeastern Ohio.

“I hate you, AJK, you selfish pompous a-----e,” Allbaugh tweeted June 21, according to Politico — referencing Kuhn’s initials. “Now we’re even.”

Politico reported that Allbaugh was angry with Kuhn for breaking up with her and retaliated with the photo to Stivers’ account. Contacted by Politico, Allbaugh called herself a “disgruntled former girlfriend.”


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my girls never behave like this.


It's kind of hard to believe this story isn't about a democrat.

In my opinon

@other..not really, republicans are usually involved in same sex scandles.

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Why did he step down? It was only an aide, and it's not like he did anything wrong, except for maybe being a a-hole boyfriend to his ex.

William Jeffers...

Penis Pictures and Politics don't seem to mix...which is kind of ironic as most politicians are Richard Heads.


...was the picture a thumbnail or 8 x 10?


For the sake of research, I checked out this "pornstar". She messed up her body with huge, nasty, fake implants, and proceeded to perform in over 200 films where she allowed anyone to stick absolutely anything into absolutely any orifice on her body.

Of course that was all before Adam Kuhn started dating her. What was going on while he was dating her.....she was/is married...to a soldier.

So much for Republican family values. I don't feel sorry for him.


Re: "So much for Republican family values."

The corollary being that Democrats have none? :)

It's about people, not politics.

Cliff Cannon

" It's about people, not politics. " No doubt.

At Mount Vernon, very close to George Washington's crypt. Is Sally Fairfax's ( as in Fairfax,Va. ) buggy. Which made me smile as I remembered their flirting letters to one another.

So yeah, romance is always about people not politics and it is just a shame,we have sunk to such lows as a society, that this gal thinks it is O.K. to put out pictures like this.


In business, I learned not to give even the 'appearance' of impropriety.

As in: Don't be seen coming out of a strip club, when all one went in there for was to get change for the bus.

TRUST is one of the main reasons my spouse and I have been together for 38 yrs.

Cliff Cannon

" TRUST is one of the main reasons my spouse and I have been together for 38 yrs "

First of all congratulations on your 38 year long honeymoon. From everything,I've read, your bride and you had a lot fun as well.

I do have a question regarding 'trust'. First of all I am in the camp that says " me thinketh thou protesth too much " which is to say, of course that the more someone hollers about darn near anything the more likely they are guilty of what they are protesting against.

Conversely, for example if you can be trusted to keep your word, you tend to be a very trusting person. Do you agree ?

So here is the real question : How can some one that can be trusted themselves. Trust those in Washington D.C. since we all know how much money it takes to get there and as always " the man with the gold makes the rules "


Re: "guilty of what they are protesting against."

The concept is understood and appreciated, but it always ain't necessarily so.

I tend to go by the Bible's adage: By their fruits ye shall know them.

In my experience, I found that secrets, especially family related ones are almost impossible to be kept. Generationally, the truth inevitably comes out.

Reminds me.

While preparing for a campaign, Gen'l Stonewall Jackson was asked by a young lieutenant their destination.

Gen'l Jackson said: Can you keep a secret?

Lieutenant: Yes sir!

Gen'l Jackson: Well, so can I.

When someone asks me: Can you keep a secret? I often find that I'm the last one still keeping it after it has become common knowledge. :)

Cliff Cannon

" By their fruits ye shall know them " In the overall picture. This is , in my viewpoint the best perspective.

However, last night after responding to 'jas' with a similar conclusion. I got to thinking; What if everyone thought about politics or religion in the manner that I do.

Because I truly could care less what party or what religion some one belongs to. ( That is unless they try to ram it down my throat ) However, knowing the value of the loyal opposition . It makes me wonder about my independent choice.

I also feel a bit of jealousy watching debates where you folks go back and forth in defense of your party as I would like to join the fray. Yet,alas I am forever doomed to care less about either party as I accept the fact that BIG money drives both and that as a rule people are not to different from one another

" Can you keep a secret? " Ben Franklin had this one right. " Three can keep a secret....if two are dead "


Re: "you folks go back and forth in defense of your party,"

Not so much of a "defense" of the Repubs, as much as a condemnation of the extremist, socialistic tendencies and policies of the "other guys."

I harken back to the likes of Barry Goldwater, whose presidential defeat was so large in part because he wasn't an east coast, liberal, country club Repub and had little to none of their support.

Old 1960s era joke:

They said that if I voted for Goldwater, we'd end up escalating the war in Vietnam. I voted for Goldwater and sure enough that's what happened.


No, Contango. It's not just about people and not politics. It's about hypocrisy. The GOP wants to put itself on some sort of pedestal as the party of family values but it has just as many sleezeballs, drunks, drug addicts, and perverts as the Democrats.

Cliff Cannon

@ jas : Believe it or not my wife is watching a " Bonanza " episode featuring " Sam Clemens " being accused of writing a story that infuriated the good citizens of Virginia City---- simply because it was true.

Which of course, in real life is what Sam Clemens ( Mark Twain ) was really all about--- telling the truth. So may I add to this discussion my favorite Twainism's since he is about as close to the American heart as anyone.

Regarding money, he wrote of the ' Gilded Age ' that " some men seek God, some power, some honor or glory. One thing they all have in common is that they love money " ( Much paraphrasing)

Then regarding, peoples actions he wrote " We are all like the moon, in that we have our dark sides " Put together, in my viewpoint that about sums up the human animal.

So yeah, republicans as well as democrats end up exposing their "dark sides " as they position themselves this way or that way trying to draw a vote for themselves.

However, bottom line, is that we all should recognize the truth of your words " It's about hypocrisy. The GOP wants to put itself on some sort of pedestal as the party of family values but it has just as many sleezeballs, drunks, drug addicts, and perverts as the Democrats " Then, recognizing that, go from there.

After all every human alive has hypocritical skeletons in their closet. The real search ,( in my viewpoint ) should always be to find the other really good things in those closets.

So my personal answer is to be neither democrat or republican as well as have no religious affiliation. That way, politics is to be dammed, because you don't have to toe the company line and can seek for your self the best path in every endeavor.

swiss family

wow... sorry first I drifted off a little bit there.. then I threw up a little bit in my mouth..... Bonanza.....you do know it is a television show... right???


Re: "sleezeballs, drunks, drug addicts, and perverts,"

Along with Karl Marx's Ten Planks, that pretty much sums up the political platform, leadership and constituency of the Democrat Party doesn't it? :)


Republican family values? Really? That virtue was just a political slogan for all intent and purposes. Do as I say and not as I do. Do who?


Re: "Republican family values? Really?"

Yea, let's ponder those FINE family values from the likes of the Kennedys and the Clintons.

And Rev. Wright's "Down-Low Club" is just a nasty rumor? :)

Let's also remember Anthony Weiner!

swiss family

don't forget the Cartwrights....


Reminds me of a comment once made by Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards:

“The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy”.

Cliff Cannon

Your on to something big as well as fun when you start discussing Louisiana politics for sure.

Your comment reminds me of this great political axiom : " I don't care what you do in your bedroom. Just don't do it in the streets,it might scare the horses "

swiss family

yea like all them horses on the Ponderosa... and even Mr Ed.... he really could talk ya know...


Another high quality public servant. Right here is an overlooked cost of government operations. $130,000 for a SENIOR aid. And what do you think a "less than senior" aid makes. And how many aids do these Washington wonders actually hire?
Now multiply those wages and benefits for each senator and rep............

Dr. Information

Why are people's private lives anyone elses business.

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No condemnation for this revenge porn?