Obrenovich not a happy camper

Norwalk bulletin board remains locked up in storage at street department.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 27, 2014


Stan Obrenovich's frustration nearly boiled over this week.

For the past four years, a bulletin board, which Obrenovich said he put "$600 into," has been held captive in storage at the street department.

"It used to be up at the park near Berry's," Obrenovich said. "Then, Sue Lesch said she was going to put it over by the armory. Now, it's down at the street department and it's been there for years."

Obrenovich wants the bulletin board to be placed at Suhr Family Park. "The bulletin board would let everyone know what's going on," he said.

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wow Stan everybody reads the bulletin board these days,its not like it was in the 50's,if they put it up people would line up.
why don't you forget about running Norwalk!!

swiss family

Mr Duck... you are correct.. it is NOT the 50's any more, and for the most part, most people, would not read the bulletin board to find out what is happening in Norwalk, ( which is what I ascertain from your sarcasm) but I am not completely convinced of that I know that just out of curiosity I would read what was up there, I also think that the design of the board would add character to the park and to the feel of the Uptown , which I believe they have been striving for , for a very long time.

If you want a better example of what I am saying.. let's take a look at when the courthouse clock broke. In today's age, most people not only have a watch of their own, but have a phone that has a camera, and a clock built into it, so it is not a necessity to have another old clock working for everyone to see, BUT having it working and keeping the correct time, says something about the town we live in and the people who live here, just the same way that small detail and a tribute to details like a nostalgic bulletin board that stands in a city park and tells of the upcoming events that will be going on in our quaint little, friendly little community..so is it necessary? NO is it needed to add to the charm that is already a part of our Uptown decor?? I say yes... just like the old style street lights, and the simple but beautiful white lights in the city trees, and the Christmas Carols that play in the Uptown area, that all add to the charm that is Norwalk...in my opinion


better yet give it to the museum where it belongs


or put it in front of the restaurant that you can't get anyone interested in

swiss family

I want to say that I am appalled at the way that City council treats some of the people that go to speak in front of them. They had no right to talk to Mr Obrenovich the way they did, they belittled him and talked down to him, especially, according to the newspaper report, because I was not there and only read the report in the newspaper, Mr Carelton, seemed to be berating and insulting to Mr Obrenovich... I was there when the entire council talked about people moving their cars around in city lots so they would not get a parking ticket, and was appalled that they were using words like "how can we "TRAP" them .. and "how can we "EMBARRASS them" and "would it be legal to put their names in the paper to "SHAME" them... how about going and working with them to see if you can find a solution to the problem by working together on a common problem.

According to Ms Wert and Mr Carelton the sign does not fit with the theme??? according to whom?? by looking at the picture in the paper.. I like the sign and would like to see it in the park..and for Mr Carelton to say such demeaning things like.. "we have a lot of problems, and that sign is not one that is even near the top" well Mr Carelton.. maybe not to you.. so then why not give Mr Obrenovich his $600 back???that might take it off of his importance list somewhat...and if you are worried that someone has to take care of the sign, than you do not know Mr Obrenovich at all..

Yes I am seeing pretty clearly what and who actually works on city council.. I know my council person will not help me with any of my problems, oh she will come out and listen , and agree with what I say, but when I bring it up at council meeting and think she might have my back and help me with my argument, she seems to be busy looking through her paperwork.....thank you... for nothing..but at least she is not belittling or berating citizens as I am seeing other council people doing... that should not be tolerated, and it should be called out, except I think the guy in charge is the one doing it, the same one who was caught sending racist jokes, and didn't see anything wrong with that either.. so he is a racist and a bully... and I guess that is alright,??? the fastest I saw them move on anything was when a FIREMAN who owned some property went to the meeting and said he wanted his parking lot paved by the city, and there was a short debate about if it was a parking lot for all of his apartments or am actual street,.. and somehow, and I am sure being a fireman had nothing to do with it, but right then and there on his first time there , they decided to pave whatever he wanted... but people like Mr Obrenovich who has done so much for the Uptown, and obviously has made an enemy or two and possibly with the racist, bully, and so he is taunted and criticized and denied...like all good things around her, like the airport, which immediately comes to mind as another good example..anyway I know I am off topic, I apologize for that I think we need to keep an eye on City council, something has gone terribly wrong somewhere, there seems to be one , or two, or possibly more bad apples in the barrel, and they need to either change and work for the people, or get booted out... of course this is all my own personal opinion...

eat my shorts's picture
eat my shorts

Swissy, did anyone force Stan to put $600 into the sign? Next, if I was your city council person I'd be looking busy too. You seem to have a lot more problems than the average blogger on this site. Many of your comments read like babbling manifestos, making one wonder if you do drugs or not?

swiss family

sorry "eat my shorts" (classy name by the way).. I guess when one stands for doing the right thing, they sometimes have to stand alone.. and so if you see that as "doing drugs" then good for you and your feeble mind, going for the cheap shot...good for you.. it only shows me what and who I am dealing with, and know that you will probably disappear when the fourth grade classes start back up in the fall.. you can call me whatever you like, but I look at all great men an women, who saw something seriously wrong in whatever system that they were a part of, and had the courage and the consideration to stand up against the "good old boys" system that has been in place for far too long, which includes all the secret racial joking and bullying as we are seeing here, and instead of casually laughing at their lame and uncomfortable attempts at embarrassing a good man who has done a lot for our community, I choose to look at the source of the ridicule and ask myself"what gives them the right to treat a good man and good citizen that way??" and if I have to stand alone, so be it, and do I feel bad standing alone., he!! NO.. I can sleep great at night knowing I did what I could to help someone who is being bullied by a run away city council who just might be out of control..so "MY SHORTS" it is not mt medicines that make me sleep so peacefully, it is the satisfaction in knowing that I am a part of the solution , NOT a part of the problem.. can you say the same about yourself????


Swiss, I agree with you. No one should be treated by Tax Payer Employees like that. I went to one Council Meeting years ago in defense Of Bob Dean's Massage license and they made a fool of me. I don't need any of those axxholes in any kind of politics. If they don't want the bulletin board, then say Stan, with all the modern e-papers, internet etc it has outlived its time. Thanks for all you have done for the city even though it was in your best interests. Over the years I have called those clowns for different issues and I might as well have called the sanitation guys. They are the hardest workers in this city !

swiss family

JACKEL....I am sorry that you were treated that way, and I would have had a hard time believing it if I had not experienced it myself, and then again seen it happen again to Mr Obrnovich...there bis something very wrong with the attitude in City Council.. they seem to forget that they are there to represent us, and they are elected by us to do their jobs, some up there need to remember this where as others maybe need to retire....I know that the next time I need help with any problem , or I need councils approval on anything I will be wearing my fireman's uniform that I just bought on the government surplus site Govdeals.com... I bought it as a Halloween costume, but I see it might also come in handy in dealing with City Council in my opinion

Love the Maple City

This is such a dead issue, this board was never approved by the Zoning Dept., Park & Rec., or the Architectural Review Board. It was never requested by the City or Main Street to produce a bulletin board for any park. Let's move on with more important news in our community. I recommend you check out Imagine Norwalk, Chis Castle is promoting Norwalk in a positive way and I applaud him for his efforts to bring people together for the common good of our city and its people. Way to go Chris!


This shows how much you don't actually know. This bulletin board is city property, it always was. It was originally bought and installed in the park by the City of Norwalk. When the city was revamping Bresson park, Stan asked the street department manager if he could "spruce it up" and the manager agreed. So this is City property, approved by the City and originally installed in the park by the city. But because Stan asked to revamp it and spent his own money doing it you want to crap on it.

swiss family

obviously, some of you are missing the point... maybe some of you hi tech people will never use the bulletin board, but it gives an appearance of calm and yesteryear, when things were simpler.. and don't we all dream about going back to those more innocent times???

so far, going through Norwalk you will not find a lot of gang symbols, and things of that kind and every day I thank God for that.. not that I fear the small town gangs so much , but it makes the town look trashy with all the graffiti... and when people and factories think about locating here they of course look at location, then schools, then the community.. I happen to believe that a bulletin board of this type is something that makes Norwalk look good especially if it is kept up to date , which I am sure it will with Mr Obrenovich having anything to do with it .

.. Look at the Street lights uptown.. logically we could have gone with a more modern , brighter light, but we went with a more nostalgic, and charming light. because it gave the small town. "Maberry " effect if you will to people passing through.. the same can be said about the simple and charming white lights in the trees uptown with the Christmas carols playing during shopping hours..... so in reality, the bulletin board was designed to go with the lights... and without it, , something is seriously missing.. I think it is a personal vendetta against Mr Obrenovich, by a racist bully in my opinion


Spot on..especially loved the fireman observation! Also this tax payer would like to thank Mr. Obrenovich for all he's down for Norwalk and how he keeps his properties up with pride! Now some of you people put your energy into getting Essex to clean up the old Outdoorsman and put some F'ing windows in it. Maybe council should worry about sh@t like that!!!

Cliff Cannon

@ fedcup2 : The " word on the street " is that the Outdoorsman building along Meeks bakery topped off by the old B.O.E. building on Hester st. are the next one's to come down.

The B.O.E. building shares some roof with the deceased " Derby Law office " building which ought to make demolition interesting. Wish business' were filling these buildings rather than the wreckers ball taking them out.

swiss family

fedup..... very good point...again it is all about who you are, and how many people will come to your aid when they bully you...you are right no one seems to be complaining or putting pressure on whomever owns the outdoorsman and meeks building (gee I wonder who that is???)and I wonder why that is?? could it be that this guy will be screaming loud and strong, and will probably expose some secrets that he knows about the people coming down on him, besides that they are racists and bullies???? but these same people had absolutely NO problem at all threatening the owner of the Christie street property over and over again, threatening to TAKE his property away from him, unless he cleaned up his property????? but I ask you look at his property, and look at the Outdoorsman, and ask yourself which is the bigger eyesore??? which is the bigger danger ?? I think you would have to say that the Outdoorsman with all of the broken glass, is a lot more dangerous... in my opinion...maybe the Christie Ave man needs a fireman's uniform?????


hey swiss I think you're on to something,this bulletin board and some shade trees and school system is what corporate America is looking for,the hell with profit

Fibber Mcgee

I think it looks nice, if Stan wants to keep it updated,(so don't worry Main St. Norwalk) what's the beef?


Who is going to stop and read it? It's 2014 not 1914.

J Cooper

One thing swissey and Stan has in common, both legends in their own minds.

swiss family

Cooper... I hate to be a stickler on this.. but correct English is not that Stan and I "HAS" in common... but "HAVE" in common...and thank you if you think we are legends.. I would never say that about myself... but I would say that about Stan.. he has done so much for Uptown Norwalk that goes unrecognized, and so many things that no one is aware of because they do not seek the glory for all that they do.... he is that way and so is Bill Taylor from Colonial Flowers...both men have dedicated their lives to the heartbeat of Uptown Norwalk and THEY are the Legends in my opinion..


I think we need a town crier, not just a bulletin board. Stan why don't you don your three cornered hat and put the NR and the internet out of business.

Dazed And Confused

I think the bottom line here is that if anyone wants to do something positive for their own community instead of negatively impacting it by all means let them do what they must.

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swiss cheese kat


swiss family

look at that Stan... just the mere mention and the picture of the bulletin board and the old time charm that it brings to our town and BOOM a new factory with 230 jobs land here.... again, you do so much for this town that people have no idea all of the small things you do, let alone the big things...