VIDEO: Shamrock being demolished today

Memories will live on.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 26, 2014


The final day for a city landmark has arrived.

The former Shamrock Tavern, which many call a Norwalk institution, is being demolished today.


The tavern was gutted by fire on Aug. 1, 2010.


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In 1948 my Mother, Grandmother and I arrived in Norwalk from England. My mother was a war bride and my Dad was Charles L. Ward. I well remember at 5 years of age the Shamrock Tavern. There were many war brides that would eventually form The Over the Waves Club. Many evenings all of the Irish and English would meet at the Shamrock and sing and dance and exchange war stories and cry and laugh.Sally Mundy always played the piano. I remember Owney Navin a wonderful Irishman with silver hair and his french wife Lavonne. I loved going there as a child because everyone was one big extended family that cared for each other. Many that I remember are gone now but I will always have the wonderful memories that I grew up with.



Beautiful comment.


"Guinness for everyone". I'm buying.

So long, Shamrock. "Slán abhaile"

Air Force 1

Sally Mundy is my husbands grandmother. I'm sure she has many memories as well. She would be happy to be remembered for her playing.


All of my Shamrock stories include this comment in them somewhere "I was so drink at the Shamrock that I....."

Cliff Cannon

Really neat, interesting comments from all. May I add this tribute and cue Bob Hope to sing : " Thanks for the memory's....... "

Kottage Kat

Erin forever.
ah. The song " Memories " is going through my mind.
Many a glass of green beer was lifted on St. Paddy's day.
Carolyn, great comment and those gals were the best. Miss them one and all.


Another new parking lot or future park for uptown Norwalk translating into more loss in future property, sales and income tax revenue.


Way to add your happiness to it Condowner..never a positive note from you. You shouldn't even be aloud to comment. You're a Richard with the capital "R". Why all the negativity, man? Someone shoot your puppy when you were little?


Re: "You shouldn't even be aloud (sic) to comment."

"Aloud" is spelled "allowed" my illiterate friend.

So what's going to be done with the property?


It only took four years.