Ohio woman wins Price is Right showcase

Contestants are sworn to secrecy until their particular episode airs.
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Jun 22, 2014


Ruth Drerup, of Ottawa, won the showcase on the Price Is Right recently. Drerup’s winning episode aired June 11, although her trip to Los Angeles occurred in April. The contestants are sworn to secrecy until their particular episode airs.

Drerup has watched the Price Is Right for about 40 years, she imagines.

“I’ve watched a lot of years. Since Bob Barker has been on. About 40 years or more,” she said.

It was her intense love of the show that prodded her children to get her tickets to the game show for Christmas last year. Her children presented her with an envelope designed to resemble the price tag name tag worn by contestants on the Price Is Right. The envelope contained tickets to the show as well as a fluorescent green shirt imprinted with the words “Ottawa, Ohio loves Drew Carey”. Her daughters, Mary Jo Williams and Lynn Maag, accompanied her to Los Angeles, as well as her daughter-in-law Laurie Keifer-Drerup.

Getting tickets to the show does not guarantee one to be a contestant.

“They interview everyone. I started talking and I said quite a bit. I think that’s why they chose me,” she said.

According to the website, producers look for exuberant players. Mainly ones that show enthusiasm.

Drerup credits her years of watching with how well she did on the show.

“I wasn’t too nervous,” she said.

She played two games, but says she did well on spinning the money wheel, which put her into the showcase finale.

Drerup won trips for two to Seattle, Portugal and Australia, a prize package valued up to $41,000.


By Merri Hanjora - The Lima News, Ohio (MCT)

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JMOP's picture

They interview everyone? I'm guessing their names aren't drawn randomly like I always thought they were.

Good for her though. Glad a fan of 40 years won.


Yeah, good for you. Loved the show even more when Drew became the host. Wonderful


JMOP,They actually do interview everyone while in line waiting to get in.They know before the show starts who is being called.It is not a random drawing like you always thought.Pretty common fact.

JMOP's picture

Thanks Hankster.

I don't really watch the show. I got the impression with the crazy camera turning and zooming all around, that they had no idea where to find the contestant, and therefor picked at random.

Well, now I have knowledge of another useless fact.


Well JMOP that is why all the contestants that get picked are so wild & crazy. The don't want someone who is blah blah! lol Some of them are pretty interesting..;)

JMOP's picture

Thanks Benedict

There goes my chance out the window. ;-)


I went there in my younger days and yes, this girl in front of me put n an entire different show once we met with producers interviewing everyone. I was like, yea that girl there making a azz outta herself is gonna get on, sure enough she sure did