Hollywood looking for child in unique category - no experience necessary

You must be a boy between 8 and 12 years old and weigh between 150 to 300 pounds or more.
Aaron Krause
Jun 30, 2014


How would you like to appear in a movie starring Nick Nolte?

You don't even need any acting experience.

You do, however, need to fit into a unique category: You must be a boy between 8 and 12 years old and weigh between 150 to 300 pounds or more.

Casting director Richard Hicks is conducting a nationwide search for such a person for the movie "Weightless," which will be shot in New York or Pennsylvania in August.

"It's not a story about obesity per sey," said Chris Redondo, an associate to Hicks.

It's about a father (Jason Clarke) whose quiet life gets thrown upside down when he answers a call to take care of his son Will, who's affected by childhood obesity, after Will's mother goes missing.

"It's a beautiful film and something very special," said Portia Henry-Warren, who works for Hicks. "With this film we are trying to authentically and very sensitively portray a child with this experience. No judgments here. He won't be a professional actor -- Hollywood doesn't do movies about kids this size -- so we're doing a nationwide casting search. It's a real opportunity to for a kid to find expression and a great casting challenge for me.

"It's a unique opportunity for a kid who might not have a way to express himself and it would be a fun adventure."

To apply, Hicks asks that you send a recent photograph to WeightlessAudition@gmail.com and include the following information: name, age, current location, parent/guardian name, parent/guardian email and parent/guardian phone.

A second round of auditions will include reading scenes from the script, Redondo said.

Apply as soon as possible or by July 31.

In addition to Nolte, who's appeared in such films as "48 Hours" and "Cape Fear, the movie also stars Jason Clarke, who has appeared in "Zero Dark Thirty" about the search for Osama Bin Laden.

"Weightless" was written by Enda Walsh, whose plays have been widely produced and translated into more than 20 languages. He most recently wrote the book for Broadway's "Once The Musical," which won eight Tony Awards in 2012 including Best Book and Best Musical.

The movie's producer, Greg Shapiro, has produced multiple award-winning films including "The Hurt Locker" (directed by Kathryn Bigelow) which won six Academy Awards including Best Picture.

If you have any questions, call weightlessaudition@gmail.com.



Sounds like you also need to be a BOY, if it is about him raising his SON.

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Your mental acuity never ceases to amaze me.


You must be between 8 and 12 years old and weigh between 150 to 300 pounds or more.

Isnt that straight Child Abuse?


...after the gig he goes to the Michele O Clinic for an apple slice detox...

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It shouldn't be too hard to find a fat kid in a trailer park somewhere with a mother on welfare...just dying to exploit the kid for some Hollywood cash.


...a trailer park anywhere...