Storm downs power lines and trees throughout Willard

(UPDATED with photos send by readers.) Residents asked to stay inside tonight.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jun 18, 2014


The following message was issued tonight by the Huron County Emergency Alert System:

Attention Willard residents, and anyone in the city of Willard, for your safety we ask that you stay inside due to multiple power lines down and trees throughout the city.

The police and fire departments are responding to all emergencies at this time. The street lights will not be working due to down power lines though out the city.

Please stay tuned to television and radio stations. Please do not call 911 for power line restoration information at this time.

* * *

The accompanying photo of a tree across the road, sent by Stephanie Riley Jones, was taken at about 5 p.m. on Main Street in Willard. If you have storm-related photos to share, please email them to

* * *

The photo of an apparent funnel cloud, sent by Nikki Evans, was taken by her husband, Mike Evans, just outside Willard around 6 p.m.

* * *

The photo of a tree limb that snapped and took down power lines in front of a house in Willard was sent by Lori Weaver.

* * *

Mary Sharp sent the photos of a branch through a fence and a tree on a house while a child stands in the street.

* * *

And Brittney Felter sent the photo of a tree on her house on U.S. 20 in Norwalk.



Ok Willard STILL doesn't have any electic can someone please update the situation there?

There have been rumours that the water is bad too (for everyone in the city limits) can someone please confirm or deny this?

Also can we please get an update --how long until the power is restored?


AEP website says by 12 noon Friday. City says water is safe to use but conserve.


Several reports of actual tornado touchdown One person stated he saw it come down. Looks like pretty much of willard got nailed.

Whiskey Tango F...

I hope it didn't take out all the heroin connections. God knows we need that constant flow of drugs that our children will be poisoned with. There were probably enough needles flying around in that twister to poke out every eye in huron county!


I saw a headline last night from Akron that stated bad batch of heroin kills 5. Really, didn't know there was a good batch available.

whatever you say

Haha. You do realize that the heroin problem is much worse in Norwalk then here in Willard? This newspaper just doesn't report fairly on where the real problem is. I moved to Willard because it is safer here then in Norwalk.


...NeedleNado ...coming to a theater near you


Lunkheads like Whiskey isn't capable of anything that is factual. Keep living in that "I'm perfect" world there junior. Heroin can be bought in many places in Norwalk also. Can you actually read the articles or just waiting on the pictures?

Whiskey Tango F...

Pictures are good with me. I like the shiny ones with bright colors!