Mayor resigns

Greenwich scrambling after Lowell Etzler's sudden departure.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jun 18, 2014


It was a sad night for Greenwich Council on Tuesday as they accepted the resignation for longtime mayor Lowell Etzler.

Etzler retired for health reasons, according to officials.

At the Etzler home Wednesday, the former mayor said he had served as mayor for 10 years and prior to that served the village as a councilman for 15 years.

"I'd rather not make any comment," Etzler said of his resignation.

Apparently, the resignation was not planned for long as the village agreed last year to change its council meeting dates to allow Etzler to further his civic education.

Etzler has not only served the village, but also has sat on several county organizations as well over the years.

Meanwhile, Clester Inmon, another official who serves as the village's zoning inspector and is married to Council Clerk Betty Inmon, said: "Oh, we all (hate to see him go.)"

But, Inmon understands Etzler's position and said he's smart for hanging up his hat and taking care of himself instead of serving the public at this time.

"It's best for him to resign. He was smart about it. ... He doesn't need the stress of being mayor right now," Inmon said.

Last year, Etzler came under fire from a resident who was in a feud with the mayor's son, a controversy that carried on for months. While the situation has simmered down, the job is still a stressful one, Inmon said.

Neither Betty Inmon, nor Village Administrator Virgil Giles, were available for comment Wednesday. However Clester Inmon said two councilmen were transferred into different positions to help fill the loss of the mayor.

Wes Sallee was appointed mayor and Mike Lloyd was appointed council president.

At the next council meeting, July 8, officials will determine how they will replace the vacant council seat, Inmon said.



And take that stupid speed camera with you!


Too bad it wasn't Mayor Duncan


And who would you like instead. Probably some hypocrite Dumacrat !


I would be happier if norwalk had a mayor who lived up to his promises, didn't spend more time thumping his bible than doing his job, and especially one who doesn't park in handicapped spots because he didn't want to get his hair wet.

swiss family

I do not know the reasoning behind this move, but I am guessing it is either medical, political,or personal, and I feel bad that any of these made this man walk away from what he loves.Good luck Mr Etzler, and thank you for your many years of community service


He was the best administrator JFS ever had ! There was no favoritism or bull crap with him !


Hmmm ...I've had many ask what I think about this. My answer is twofold. Firstly , though I disagree with someone I would never wish him or anyone else bad health or misfortune.
Secondly, I believe as he touts 25 years of service both as mayor and councilman and anyone willing to serve deserves a degree of respect. I respect his willingness to serve but I do not agree with his methods and the results of his service speak for itself. I don't think anyone in this community can look over his 25 years and more specifically his 10 as mayor and honestly say our village of Greenwich is better than it was when he took over.
Reflecting on my experience with him personally I found him to be less than forthright, highly vindictive, and where his son was involved extremely self serving. I say this from experience and nothing else. I would go further to say that this is most likely why the community is in the shape it's in. This type of leadership can't and won't foster anything but failure.
My thinking is this is a new day and the past is the past. Nothing can be done about it. As for the future my hope is that the new leadership will step to the forefront with a strong moral compass and sense of purpose and revive what was once a proud , thriving community.
Regardless of our differences, Best of health to you Mr. Etzler and I wish you nothing but good things as you move forward.


Good luck to you Mr. Etzler! I am glad you resigned, and I wish the rest of the communists that sit on council would follow suit!!!! Shame on the village leadership for installing speed traps to generate revenue!! Do not insult the resident's intelligence and say it is for our safety when all we have been hearing is how broke the village is! Maybe if the idiot we have for a village administrator would get off his a** and look for grants and other monies the village would not be is such poor shape. I say bring back Mike King and Whitey to straighten this mess out before these idiots destroy our village!! I will be voting for anyone other than the current council members come next election!


I agree with greenwichian. It is all about the money in Greenwich. Raising our electric and water bills every year. Doing away with the exemption for workers who live outside the city. Starting a General Fund...what is that money going to be used for? Drumming up support for a tax levy increase, speed just never ends. Good riddance Mayor and take your council members with you. We are moving out ASAP!!


Yes it's all about the money but it sure isn't going to better the village of Greenwich! They keep adding surcharges to our utility bill and has anyone seen anything that has benefited from it? I have a sneaky suspicion it went onto some city council and mayors pockets! Since Greenwich has their own electric and not owned by a company like AEP those of us who are disabled and living on a fixed income can't get on a budget plan and it makes it hard sometimes to pay the bill. So you live in fear of having your electric shut off and with me being on oxygen 24/7 it would be dangerous for my health to have no electricity to run my oxygen machine. Also I don't know how the electric meters in this town work but there is something wrong with mine. I usually only have 1 light on in my house and from about 4pm -9pm I don't have the tv or anything on. I just have quiet time. So when I get a bill for 250.00 for 1 month something is screwy somewhere!! We need a mayor who will come in and get this town back to the nice little community we all knew and loved. And give us fixed income folks a break on the utility bills!!!!


Speed cameras...why are you complaining? Do you all speed alot?


Good One !


Wow! If the mayor and all the council members down there are so corrupt, why do they keep getting re-elected? Vote them out if you don't like their decisions!

swiss family

I have to agree with you Windy... I keep seeing them say.. "I hope" or I wish" I am not sure if the people in Greenwhich realize that anyone can run for any position , all they have to do is go to the board of elections and get the necessary paperwork and follow through... otherwise you will keep getting the same people running things that you are obviously upset with.. and why on earth would you do that????

I have never been to one of your city council meetings, but I think I can make a pretty solid guess that there are seats there for the "spectators" and there will also be time allotted for discussion from the spectators as well... use that time and use those seats... and vote and get yourself on the ballot.. or someone like you on the is really not that difficult..

Dr. Information

You people live in Greenwich, what the hell else do you think is going to happen to your rates to keep that, whatever you call it, afloat.