Woman sent to jail

Defendant stole 9 television sets from the Norwalk Walmart.
Aaron Krause
Jun 21, 2014


A Sandusky resident who pleaded guilty to stealing nine television sets from the Norwalk Walmart was sentenced to 120 days in jail Wednesday.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway credited Vanessa Medina, 34, of Sandusky with serving one day.

She must serve 59 days starting 9 a.m. Oct. 6. Of the 120 days, Medina will serve 60 at the discretion of the probation department, Conway said.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Patrick Hakos said while the Dec. 22 incident marked Medina's first felony, she has a "very extensive misdemeanor background" involving 13 prior thefts. Hakos added that one of the major terms of her probation was not to enter any Walmart store.

Hakos recommended community control and local jail time.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo said a "good chunk" of his client's record involves traffic-related offenses.

He said suspects in Sandusky are often punished with a "wrist slap" that reinforces a person's pattern of conduct.

As for the stolen television sets, Longo told Conway, "I think she honestly does regret this. Frankly, your honor, to her credit she's been totally cooperative through this whole thing."

Longo said she's "owned up to what she did" and he's not excusing what she did.

Longo also said Medina has been working two jobs at one time and has had to use multiple modes of transportation to get to them.

During the hearing, Medina folded her hands, which she rested on her face.

She fought back tears while telling the judge she doesn't want her family to commit similar crimes. Medina has two children, Longo said.

"She's kind of had a lot of hard knocks," Longo said, adding she was placed in foster care, lost contact with her birth family and her first 10 years of life were "very rough."

"She's had a rough start and her skills are limited," the public defender said.

But Conway said the defendant hasn't been very responsive to community control sanctions.

"The fact that you keep doing it indicates it's simply a pattern of behavior for you," the judge said. He also noted she was ordered not to enter a Walmart store as part of her probation.

Conway said previous "slaps on the wrist" haven't improved her behavior.

"I certainly can't let you go without significant punishment in this case," Conway said. "You've got to serve some time for this."

In addition to the 120-day jail term, he placed her on community control sanctions for three years. She can't leave Ohio without her probation officer's permission, must maintain full-time employment, undergo urine analysis and counseling. She must pay a $250 fine, abide by her curfew and cannot enter any Walmart store.

If she violates the terms of her probation, she could be sentenced to 12 months in prison.

Longo asked Conway if Medina could have work release privileges, which the judge granted.

Hakos said he was satisfied with the judge's sentence, which was similar to what he and Longo discussed during plea negotiations.



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eat my shorts

Boo hoo she's had a rough life. Like that's supposed to be the reason for stealing. At least she's going to do a little time. The irony though is that she's getting a harder sentence than most of our local drug dealers.


Nine (9) TV's?? She should have gotten 9 months. Where the heck is security? Shame on you Vanessa Medina! You are a theif! No excuses.

William Jeffers...

13 PRIOR thefts!!..but she "honestly regrets this"...she REGRETS getting caught. Take her kids away now as they will be the next generation of low life thieves if she continues to raise them.


13 priors and 9 TV's later she's going to sit 59 days? And she ask for work release and got it. So she HAD a job and was still stealing? People like this should be publicly shamed.


I had a rough life too...so I guess that means I'm entitled to steal? COOL, I need 9 new TV's!


Its pretty clear that none of you believe in giving the benefit of the doubt...well i believe...this woman needs some type of guidance in her life..(hince) the probation officer for u idiotic morons with the beliefs to pass judgement upon others ...

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You passed judgement calling people idiotic morons. You're a hypocrite, or unless you meant it sarcastically.


By far from the hypocrite...if u can't figure the rest out you fall under the idiotic moron category

JMOP's picture

Sorry, it is hard for me to realize your ridiculous statement as being valid.

You're a judgmental person.


I really hope this is tongue in cheek and that you're not really being serious. If so you might want to ask the judge why he sentenced what he did.

"In addition to the 120-day jail term, he placed her on community control sanctions for three years. She can't leave Ohio without her probation officer's permission, must maintain full-time employment, undergo urine analysis and counseling. She must pay a $250 fine, abide by her curfew and cannot enter any Walmart store."

^^^ This is the states version of not giving the benefit of the doubt!

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Dear Jizz_29 - the only guidance this lady needs is to a jail cell, and isn't passing judgement on others the American way? Also, if you're able to give a thief the benefit of the doubt then you should look into a mirror and see who the REAL moron is.


Thanks for the advice i love mirrors...

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Dear Jizz_ You're more than welcome!


How many people have had "hard knocks" and never stole 1 TV let alone 9? Many have had a hard life and are law abiding citizens. Many decide to change their lives instead of perpetuating the life. Do better for themselves. She is only sorry she got caught. She would still be doing it otherwise. Now she will move on to Target or Meijer.

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Vanessa might have sticky fingers, but Walmart is guilty for enabling her due to their lax security. How in the world could someone slip by all the security cameras to steal 9 television sets? The place should be like Fort Knox. What in the heck was their security person busy doing to not notice all the t.v.'s being carted out the door? I thought it was impossible to escape the Walmart eye in the sky.


Wow I hope you are being sarcastic. If not this has got to rank up there in the top for being the dumbest comment. The store shouldn't have to do anything to prevent theft like this. People just shouldn't do it. The tvs must have been small ones because anything over $500 is a felony.

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Really? Have you ever seen a store that has as many cameras as Walmart? It's hard to believe this lady could haul out so many T.V.'s and not be noticed. We're not talking about kids stealing candy. Are you a store manager? I hope not because it's ignorant to say you shouldn't need to prevent theft. Thieves aren't going to stop just because you say it's wrong. People will rob your a$$ blind if you don't prevent it. Having a dumb a$$ attack is the only justification for thinking security shouldn't be needed. The next time you're in Walmart, take a look around at all the cameras, not to mention those outside in the parking lot.


I aM thinking walmart security should get 6 months for not being able to stop someone from stealing 9 tvs!

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Tell that to WATCHED 1s