Ohio Gov. Kasich signs bill containing almost $400M in more tax cuts

Provision in Senate Bill 310 was the second blow to wind farm industry within days.
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Jun 17, 2014


Gov. John Kasich wielded his line-item veto pen just three times today when signing a bill containing some $400 million in more tax cuts, but a new restriction on wind farms wasn’t one of them.

Prior law provides for a minimum setback distance of 1,125 feet between the extended tip of a turbine and the nearest home. But a provision slipped into the bill he signed into law changes that to 1,125 feet from the property line, a move that wind farms argue will decrease the number of turbines it can erect on their farms, making them less economically feasible.

The move was the second blow to the industry within days. Mr. Kasich on Friday quietly signed Senate Bill 310, freezing for two years Ohio’s mandate that utilities find at least 25 percent of their power from greener energy sources by 2025, putting in doubt the guaranteed market that led companies to make decisions to site wind farms and solar fields in the state.

When asked why he chose to let the new setback distance stand, Mr. Kasich chose instead to explain why he signed Senate Bill 310.

He again voiced support for renewable energy and said he told lawmakers he would have vetoed a bill that indefinitely froze the standards.

“Is the 25 percent number the right number? I don’t think so,” he said. “It was snatched out really without any real science behind it. It was going to become increasingly difficult for both consumers and businesses, so we should take a pause and do a reset.”

Ohio has two large wind farms in Van Wert and Paulding counties, Blue Creek and Timber Road. The new law applies only to new wind farms, but opponents of the language argue that the two western Ohio wind farms would not have happened if the new rule were in place at the time those decisions were made.

Although some provisions of the plan have drawn criticism, Mr. Kasich and lawmakers have again drawn praise from social service advocates for putting more money into such things as addiction treatment, mental health, food bank, and adult and child protective services .

The plan accelerates the gradual implementation of personal income tax cuts set in motion last year, reaching the total of 10 percent in 2014, a year ahead of schedule. It expands an existing income tax break for small businesses from the prior 50 percent on the first $250,000 in income to up to 75 percent, assuming the state’s expected budget surpluses hold up.

It doubles the Earned Income Tax Credit for lower-income families to 10 percent of the federal equivalent. Unlike the federal EITC, however, Ohioans must owe taxes in order to take advantage of it.

The law also increases the personal exemption on tax returns for those earning up to $80,000 a year.

The tax cuts were set in motion based at least partly on better-than-expected tax collections for far for the year, before a May revenue report showed tax collections for the month fell nearly $101 million below projections.

Still, with the month of June left in the fiscal year, the state is running $158.4 million, or 0.9 percent, above projections. Spending has also been below projections.

Mr. Kasich also did not strike language seen as watering down the state law requiring outside organizations paying for political ads to disclose who they are. The bill eliminates the mandate that they provide the name, address, and high officer of the entity in the ads and would instead allow them to say simply “paid for by”and then supply the name of the organization.

The disclosure remains in place for the candidates, their committees, and political parties.

Republican leaders argued that the language argued that this will bring Ohio more in line with recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings while Democrats countered to shield the identities trying to influence Ohio elections.


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Allowing outside interests to continue buying Ohio elections and restrictions on windfarms are certainly not good for Ohio. The rest of the world is advancing in green energy and Kasich puts us in reverse.


@The rest of world advancing..?
How about the rest of the world is sinking in debt on an idea?
Great at it's base and thought, but total failure and money pit when in play.
and beside i thought you'all were tired of big corporations?
If green theme is not padding the pockets of big corps, and men like Al Gore, you have been suckered also......All in the name of "for our own good".


Re: "Al Gore,"

Still owns the shares of Occidental Petroleum he inherited from his daddy.

FYI: The Clintons are hiding their wealth in trusts:


Do as I say, not do as I do.



Its tax avoidance not tax evasion dummy.

nothing hypocritical about it, you just dont know how things work.

But thanks for the bloomberg link it was a good read


If people don't want to pay taxes, they should just claim "civil disobedience". LOL


Re: "tax avoidance,"

Nice to see you shill for Dem one percenters, hypocrite. :)


Agree Roger. The same guy that tried to get pay raises for him & his cohorts while cutting everyone else. Let us not forget his pal Batchelder too & his quick return on big $$ to a certain organization. Sure be glad when Kasich returns to the Quaker State.


Re: "The plan accelerates the gradual implementation of personal income tax cuts,"

Another step in the right direction.

Help expand the OH economy through growth rather than through more taxpayer giveaways to inefficient green energy.


YES.. growth thru tax cuts and NOW actions...to support workers is what i get from it.
Good Governor

Dr. Information

Yeah, I agree with what he is trying to do as well. Wind energy contributes to such a micro fraction of % of energy created in Ohio and this slight adjustment for the setbacks only help the neighbors who have to listen to these things all day long on days when they are actually in use.

Keep cutting taxes as well, it helps everyone.

CrankyBalls's picture

Their output may be minuscule but in time they do pay for themselves. Once that point is reached, you're now looking at free energy so in time they do become efficient. As for noise and such, I can say from an engineer's point of view that a lot depends on which brand it is. My personal favorite is the Skystream model which is productive, quiet, and very low maintenance. A good place to learn about wind turbines is in Amish country. The Amish can tell you just about anything regarding turbines as they are not banned by Amish religion or tradition. The size of turbines they use most are usually just productive enough to power a couple of televisions.

Dr. Information

Im not saying they don't eventually pay themselves off. All I a m saying is its Ohio, not Oklahoma. We do not have steady wind or sun throughout the state on a day to day basis.

Outside of wind and sun, I would like the everyone to see how far we have come pollution wise over the last 50 years. If you do not remember the Mississippi River or even the Ohio River and what use to be dumped into it and what it use to look like, google it. It will shock you.

We have made great progress.

In my opinon

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Cute. Ya learn that from dim-bulb Maher?

The Dems keep b*tchin' about raising the min. wage.

So a state income tax decrease that will help put more money in a worker's pocket is a bad idea huh?

Dr. Information

You can't talk sense to a liberal. They hear tax cut and automatically think its all about the rich and won't help anyone else. THIS tax cut favors anyone working and in the Dem's world, its a bad cut because most of their voting base doesn't know what work is.


And they can park all of those unsold Chevy Volts that Obama wanted right next to the wind farms. How did that work out for you?

Really are you ...

I can get around this blade deal. I can do this without external forces being applied. I have not pushed this issue, because as of now I still have a job. Maybe I need to take effective writing classes or something like that. Because how many ways can I write the same thing to tell everyone who reads the Reflector and Register. You want jobs? I can create a electrical inducing device, this device needs no external forces to operate. I want to make this device here in Norwalk. Powerful enough for a house to function off the grid. Can be modified to power an automobile with an electric motor. Replace a combustion engine lawn mower. Goodness, the applications are almost endless. The possible new technology that could emerge.


Gotta come up with something when you fail to deliver all those JOBS JOBS JOBS!



OH unemployment rates:

Gov. Strickland, Dec. 2010 - 9.20%

Gov. Kasich, Apr. 2014 - 5.7%

Guess which one is better.

all fact or all...

@ Cantango..you don't know everything, you just think you do. Could be because Bush took our economy and flushed it down the toilet and Obama has bought it back as much as he could without any help from the republicans. Just think how much our economy could have grown had Bush and his pals told the truth about the reason we went to Iraq...No mushroom cloud, no weapons of mass destruction. Over 4000 lost lives and trillions of dollars wasted and for what..


They only thing Obama has brought us is massive amounts of debt. Bush's presidency was a product of 9/11. He had no choice but to lead us thru 2 wars.

Dr. Information

Liberals mentality 6 years into Obamas legacy:
1. If its overall good.........Obama did it.
2. If its bad.........its still Bush's fault.

So all fact or fiction, if Obama is to thank for Ohio's success, he MUST be to blame for Detroit's failure correct.

Silly liberals, think they can have it both ways.


Re: "you (snip)"

Answer the question: Which state unemployment numbers are better?

Really are you ...

Sad. Just like people working in a factory. We are seen as, just "numbers." Pathetic. Numbers have families and other obligations. One of these obligation is to pay taxes to keep the government afloat. One would think that the government would create jobs here or anywhere. Expand and create new jobs, new businesses. Not expand government. How can government recover any money when it is its biggest employer? But on the contrary, from what started before the last collapse, send jobs away and put those people who lost their jobs/ careers on life support. There should be an equal or surplus ratio of jobs to family dwellings. From all of the seniors that graduated this year in this area, there is a need for an extra thousand full time jobs. How can we provide that extra thousand jobs when we haven't replaced the ones we lost over the past ten to fifteen years?


Re: "One would think that the government would create jobs here or anywhere."

Govt. DOES NOT create jobs. Only private industry can do that.

The govt. cannot spend ANY dollar that it doesn't take from someone else.

Attempting to centrally plan and pick the winning industries leads to malinvestments.

TX is creating tons of jobs. Why? Favorable tax rates and a positive business environment.

OH would do well to do likewise.

Gov. Kasich is on the right track.

Really are you ...

Government does create jobs. Homeland Security. Clean up crews for fighting in foreign wars we should not have been in, in the first place. The U. S. government is the biggest job creator/ destroyer in the U. S.


Re: "Obama has bought it back as much as he could,"

What EXACTLY has Pres. Obama done to improve the U.S. and world economies?

(The fiscal crisis was a world-wide phenomenon.)

Hint - He's done NOTHING. It's been the work of the Federal Resv. with it's ZIRP and QE programs.

Even Fed Chair Bernanke said that the Fed created jobs.


Really are you is right.

Dr. Information

When you are forcibly taking money from one group and making jobs with it, that is not job creation folks.