2-day 'saturation patrol' in Sandusky, Seneca counties results in 243 arrests, 884 traffic stops

Ten impaired drivers were arrested and 11 felony warrants served.
TNS Regional News
Jun 17, 2014


State and local law enforcement agencies conducted a “saturation patrol” last week in Sandusky and Seneca counties in what was called an effort to combat the rising drug abuse problem in those counties.

The Ohio Highway Patrol today said officers made 884 traffic stops and 243 arrests during the two-day blitz Thursday and Friday. Ten impaired drivers were arrested and 11 felony warrants served. Small amounts of suspected drugs, $70,000 worth of counterfeit perfume, $1,800, including $500 of counterfeit money, and a vehicle was seized.

“Successful multi-agency enforcement efforts, like the one in Sandusky and Seneca County, illustrate the collective power of removing drugs and wanted felons from our communities,” said Col. Paul Pride, superintendent of the Highway Patrol.


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You guys remember when you used to protect people and not do blatant cash grabs?

So you rounded up 72K in miscellaneous dollars but what about the man hours required to achieve these numbers? thats about 2800 man hours at 25 dollars an hour. Thats about 100 men and thats all you got?

Hardly impressive numbers unless you are in the extortion business then its about a wash and nothing more.

Next question: How many robberies murders, Overdoses and other domestic crimes took place while you were away?

What were those costs?


Anything else you want to whine about? Dammed if they do, dammed if they don't...shut-up.


Thanks for adding to the conversation.

your facts and evidence prove nothing.

Just like you, Nothing


I never added any facts or evidence except to show that you are a perpetual whiner. And that worked quite well. So again- stop whining and shut-up because no matter what the cops do it will always go against your facts and evidence and you will whine. And again- dammed if they do and dammed if they don't by whiner a$$ people like you. At least they did something. So what exactly did YOU accomplish while they were out patrolling?


Thanks for adding nothing to the conversations again.

I can tell you live a very happy life.

Who needs evidence when they got you! haha


And you're still whining.....


Ohio Highway Patrol - Pretty sure they don't usually respond to robberies, murders, overdoses and other domestic crimes.

Not to mention that these are traffic stops and local officers are assigned road patrols as well as responding to calls. They were going to be paid one way or another for the time, at least they have something to show for it instead of a short call log.

Get over it.


Yeah according to their numbers they have something to show for it.

A loss of taxpayer dollars as admitted by this article.

So you got any of that evidence or you just wear a tin foil hat and belly ache?

shovelhead's picture

I agree with Trolling- .012% net on a traffic stop. That means 99.98% of the people pulled over just had their time wasted by some Nazi police state check-point.

Tippythehippy's picture

I honestly thought that when I read the title....police state check points. :( It is only going to get worse.


Its going to be a long summer


Everyone wants drugs and DUI'ers off the streets but when the cops actually go and do something you people b***ch. A bunch of pathetic whiners. Go do it yourselves and see where that gets ya...


How many would like to see rewards offered? Would not it be cool to see trash get owned by some one going after $$? Ya babie!


I think that the local police departments are expected to do to many things with so little time in a day to make everything happen ,what will make everyone happy? Nothing! so give the law a chance to do what they can thats all we can ask.I think the law enforcment in the area has done a great job of cleaning up Norwalk at least when it comes to drugs,They are not easy to find like they where just a few months ago,and thats showing that jobs by the departments are being effective,


I was a user of a very dangerous drug that almost killed me and i can say that now i have over 2 months of being drug free ,and I am very thankful that the dealers that where helping kill me 1 hit at a time are now vanished or in jail.See no evil do no evil,and i even landed a job for the first time in two years now that im clean and can actually function day to day and pass my pee tests without cheating.It feels like a new chance on life, I give thanks to all the local law enforcement aggencies. You are all doing a great job with the manpower and time that you have to clean the area up!


Congratulations, John! Keep going!


Wonder how many Warnings were issued or was this just a way to get some quick bucks...