Probation violation suspect released on promise to return to court

Man convicted of having a full meth lab in a suitcase.
Aaron Krause
Jun 18, 2014


A man who pleaded guilty in 2012 to possessing a full methamphetamine lab in a suitcase in Willard is accused of violating his probation.

Kyle W. Jones, 24, formerly of Goshen, Ind., violated his probation by testing positive for opiates and oxycodone, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said Monday. A probable cause hearing in connection with the alleged probation violation was held Monday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Judge Jim Conway scheduled a merits hearing for 2 p.m. July 14.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo requested that Jones be held without bond.

"He has actually very little reason to abscond," Longo said. He added Jones has held the same job since he was released from a Community Based Corrections Facility (CBCF) about a year ago. A CBCF is a form of prison focusing on substance abuse treatment and education. Longo said Jones performs the job on the Seneca County farm on which he lives.

Prosecutors argued that Jones should be released from custody.

But Judge Jim Conway released the defendant on a personal recognizance bond. That means he signed a document promising he would appear for his merits hearing without having to post monetary bail.

The defendant said although he's had difficulty securing transportation for probation office visits, he can arrange to meet with probation officer Andrea Cook once a week.

The defendant also said Indiana authorities want him on a warrant. He didn't specify what the warrant is for.

Conway said he must take care of that issue and arrive for his probation office visits.

This is the "last chance opportunity to show me you can turn things around," Conway told him.



This article makes no sense...the Public Defender requested Jones be held WITHOUT bond? Then the next paragraph details why the PD thinks he should get bond???

Then it says Prosecutors argue that Jones should be held without bond? Wait, what are they arguing about? According to this, they want the same thing...

Really, really need to proofread these stories before they go up...

TheGravyWhisperer a shirt pocket methlab too far of a stretch?


Wait, what? Now it says prosecutors wanted him released from custody??

Why would his lawyer say hold without bond and prosecutors say release him? Is this even right? This still makes no sense to me...